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Summer Training - Riley Joyce

Summer Training - Riley Joyce
June 23, 2013 - 

It is almost the end of climbing team until September. The summer is the hardest time for me to push myself to keep working out. Over the past years I used to go into the climbing gym and try new routes twice a week and called it good. But I am noticing I that I only have one more year in category A and then I am in Junior Category! 

Before practice began on Wednesday my coach talked to me. He said, “what is your goal for climbing when the season starts?”. This question brought many ideas to my head. I knew I wanted to make it to ABS Nationals. In order to do so I made a workout plan for summer:

  • Arial silks for six hours a week 
  • Cardio 5 days a week (two hours a day)
  • Core workouts (30 min.) 4 times a week
  • Yoga or some kind of stretching twice a week 
  • Practice compression, dynamic movement, and breathing on the wall.
  • Climb outside twice a week with many of my team members 

 In order to make this workout plan work and juggling a job almost every day, I made a schedule. On my phone I plugged in my workout plan in my calendar. This is a great way to maintain a goal! I started working out a week before school ended to make sure this was a reasonable workout plan for myself. I highly recommend trying your workout plan a few days before you start on a regular basis. This is because you should be pushing your self but not be sore more that two days. 

It has been two weeks now since I started my workout plan. I am loving the organization piece on my phone therefore- - I can set timers so then I wont forgot that I need to workout. I can already see an improvement in my climbing in many ways! The improvement that I have notice is my flexibility on the wall from arial silks and yoga.


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