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La Vespa - Agulles -Montserrat - Ferran Guerrero Hervas

La Vespa - Agulles -Montserrat - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
June 21, 2013 - 

Power scaling is not the week to be a luxury but a divinity, and over to enjoy it as we did yesterday with the Mohawk is embroider the day, the idea was going to make a Watermark via Juanillo Vergara teacher, but in the last time we realized it was the sun and a burned last week had more than enough, so the search following the tracks of one of the best aperturistas Montserratians go to La Vespa, where we want a double with two their vias that are in face southeast.

Like all ways of Juanillo and CIA have to go left to climb them and enjoy them, are forced roads where no free lunch and you have to make the cut, always looking for the direct and logical route, are roads with little or no seal and repeated.

Review of Guidance Reggio Agulles Miquel Joan Dalmau Montserrat

We start by way of the right.

No. 35 - Memories of Mundiellos 6c (55 m) Equipped with spits, opened in 1990 by Juanillo Vergara and Antonio Tapias.

The route is divided into two periods:

First long-6b, throws Mohawk and goes well throughout the track, has some fine pasito insurance Agulles board the just and necessary, does not seem especially difficult length.

Mohawk in the first over Mundiellos Memories

Second pitch 6c , this I throw (here is the photo below), the route has gone all to view, be able to read well the itinerary, go one way or another can radically change the difficulty of the long, where I elected solve everything and it turned out to be more inhuman view that the proposed original grade, do not explain more, is one way in which we must live as the essence of team sometime rock makes you wonder, does not is of supreme quality we expected. This long is demanding, it has to scale and differs ens two sections mounted on the TV shortly after Brown left the meeting and the last five meters before the last meeting that is where most subsides and concentrated via the maximum difficulty. A via 100% recommended if you like the tracks with Designation of Origin.

Descend by the same route on two rappels with a 70m rope is sufficient.

Recovering the second Mohawk Memories Over Mundiellos

Well, we're tackling the work to the next road that bears the stamp Vergara.

No. 34 - Juanito mataesquiroles Picket and 6c (65 m) Equipped with spits, open Juanillo Vergara and Antonio Tapias.

As stated Juanillo exultation guidance with this pearl smooth plate and collapsed sections, for my part I have little to add, at some point the word exultation cobrava sense and others simply would disappear and could have another adjective

The route is divided into two periods:

First long-6c, this shot so I resolved to view the start of the track is just where there is a tree grown quite annoying to upload the first 5 meters, the sheets pass through the midst of branches, etc., even so light a small light show us the way, lol, block entry to solve fast and you start to navigate up and down, right and left, the via is always in trend right diagonal, EYE, the heura that grows from hides the base and a couple of insurance, if the route it takes much more to repeat the next repeaters no longer will see, insurance is not who are estranged, but among the rock at some stage is doubtful and is a long-navigate and scale much needed mental strength to go up and down swift and doubts that all offers, but it is a long Exultation, 12 films needed for this long and the meeting is ready to get off from this point (not to rappel all via)

Mohawk recovering the first length, the Exultation of the individual

Mohawk recovering the first length, the Exultation of the individual

>Second pitch-6b. this throws the Mohawk, is a long of well to do, nothing to do with the above, insurance and mark a little line will continue and we found generally good holds.

Descent, once at the top a little below where we set up meeting is a two parabolts chain and ring, with a rope of 70 m can do the rappel to the ground.

Mohawk in the second over and Mataesquiroles Juanito Piquete


Mohawk in the second over and Mataesquiroles Juanito Piquete

Photo departed the ball from the top of the Vespa

The friend on the other side Jaumegrimp Agulles

Mohawk on top of the Vespa doublet after we have made

Logbook on top of the Vespa, the pens do not write, if someone climbs a pencil the better, according to the book record the last climb was 2 years ago, imagine that as we found that the pens did not write.

The first meeting to be put on top of the Vespa in actulidad reinforced with steel cable, the meeting is mounted on two parabolts few meters below.


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