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Summer Begins - Sierra Carroll

Summer Begins - Sierra Carroll
Summer Begins - Sierra Carroll
Summer Begins - Sierra Carroll
Summer Begins - Sierra Carroll
June 08, 2013 - 

After spending the last month of school having to climb less because of a last few hard weeks of Civil Engineering classes combined with discovering that I should be cautious about falling on my ankle as about a month ago when I fell and thought I might have bruised it good I actually had fractured it in two small places. It has been a long time since I have blogged. Luckily though that has been because a lot has been going on. Between finishing up classes, starting a summer course, and moving back to the springs. I have luckily had the opportunity to go out climbing every weekend and I have been hiking a lot more as well which has been a nice change.


Since the last time I blogged I have had the chance to forerun many of the routes for Regional Championships after working to help prepare the Power Micro team with BRC for the competition for the past few months. I had the great opportunity to forerun for the competition as well as volunteer and belay the day of for many of the kids. It is always such a fun event which I look forward to being part of each year after competing in the competition for so many years as a youth. After watching so many climbers for that event the same weekend I not only moved from Boulder home to Colorado springs for the summer but I also met some friends who were in town from Durango and we headed out to Clear Creek to try many of the Clear Creek classics near Sonic Youth. With the river very high that weekend we were not able to check out any of the Bouldering in the area. Though that trip happened next weekend. 

With the next weekend I headed back up to Boulder, to coach for the last Spring practice and figured I might as well spend the morning back on a Boulder I havent been on in many years. A friend and I went up to get on turning point during a beautiful day which turned out to be tons of fun as I tried to piece together the beta that I had figured out a few years ago to almost finish the climb then.

Since that weekend I have been back to Clear Creek once as well as down to Shelf to check out the North End and area that I had never been to before. I have always enjoyed heading to new area, and with so many great climbing places in Colorado it is easy to go back to somewhere that you think you know your way around just to come to realize that there is still much to be discovered and climbed on. 

Each of these trips has provided me with some great conversations with new climbers and old friends. Specifically yesterday I had the chance while training at CityRock again to talk with a youth competitor who I used to coach about what type of 5.10 shoes he should get next and what is different between the Dragons and the Teams. This past month has provided me with many blessings in terms of great beautiful weather to go climbing along with great people to talk to and old friends to see and catch up with. One of the best parts has been getting to climb with so many old friends while making many new ones. With finishing up in Boulder for the semester and having the change of living I look forward to the many new blessings to come as even tonight I heard about a possibility of heading at the end of the summer to the Red River Gorge. While I am also in the process of planning out trips and day adventures for the summer. Trips that range from the snow melting in Rocky Mountain national park to get on projects there to getting back to Joes Valley to complete and discover many new projects there along with figuring out the details of being a Leadership Wilderness guide for the month of July. Needless to say I am doing my best to pack my summer full of climbing and outdoor fun specially during the time I am not taking classes for school. 

Well with a trip to Mount Evans planned tomorrow it is time for me to go check is the camera is charged and hope that enough of the snow has melted in the area so that we wont have to shovel our way to the Boulders. Hopefully over the next few months as things wind down with school and moving I will be able to blog much more about the different climbing and backpacking adventures such as tomorrow. 


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