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The Ring of Fire! - Joseph Gifford

The Ring of Fire! - Joseph Gifford
June 03, 2013 - 

The Ring of Fire this year in Hadley, Massachusetts was a great comp and a lot of fun. I was lucky enough to get a place to stay with some really cool locals of the area, they were pretty cool people. But this was my first time competing in the Ring of Fire, it was definitely an awesome comp, and it was challenging because of the difficult routes and tough competition.

It had a different format from what I'm used to. You basically had 3 hours to climb 3 climbs from one to three in order,  it was a super chill and smooth format, I really liked it. The first climb went OK for me, I made it most of the way up and fell at the top where it got really tricky and the feet got terrible. The second climb I got to where most people fell, I forgot to do the correct beta at the crux and fell. And on the third yet again I messed up the sequence and fell.

It proved not to be my best competition day, I just don't think I was totally on my A game, but non the less I had fun and it was a great comp. I watched finals later that day and even got to try the finals problem after the comp.

The next day the Texas crew went out to the brand new gym in Watertown just outside of Boston and I will have to say it is definitely one of the better gyms I have been too. Not just the bouldering or the rope climbing was superior to one another but both were set really well and I enjoyed the gym a lot. Although I did not do as well as I had hoped to do at the Ring of Fire I had a good experience at the comp and I am going to keep training for the next big comp which is youth divisionals in Miami, Florida.


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