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Ups And Downs- Giovanni Traversi

Ups And Downs- Giovanni Traversi
Ups And Downs- Giovanni Traversi
Ups And Downs- Giovanni Traversi
May 19, 2013 -  Giovanni    

My life has been absolutely crazy since my last blog post. The love of my life, my ex-girlfriend who i had been with for 4 years, broke up with me. Heartbroken, i went into a depression period for a while. In perfect timing, i went to Europe with my brother Carlo. The trip was awesome! We went to Fontainebleau, France where i was able to send Atresie (8a/v11) along with Conviction (8a). Even in heinously bad conditions we both ALMOST managed an ascent of the classic Fred Nicole 8a called Karma, but sadly we didn't have enough days to finish it up. We stayed in Font for a week and then we travelled to Claro, Switzerland. This was my first European climbing trip and i was absolutely mind blown. The mass amount of hard bouldering is unbelievable. So many sick, proud, problems in both of these areas. 

I was more psyched on going to Switzerland after seeing it in all of the Dosage videos growing up, but i have to say, Font is incredible! I can't wait to go back! Swiss definitely lived up to its hype. I am always extremely psyched to step up my bouldering game and break into the v14 level. I made a ton of progress on The Dagger 8b+/v14), but unfortunately after days in a row of only trying the dagger with no other warmups, i somehow injured myself and tweaked something in my right arm. So the dagger had to wait until next trip. I could hardly pull on jugs the first day i noticed the injury. I was still trying to climb hard problems even after i hurt myself, i managed a quick ascent of the classic Molunk (7c/v9). I kept trying to piece together a cool problem called Marilyn Monroe (8a), but wasn't able to finish it. By our last days in Swiss i was getting weaker and weaker. So i basically stopped climbing for the trip.

All in all, i had an amazing experience climbing in Europe, and i am already planning my next trip to Switzerland for the whole month of Oct. I will try to spend as much time as i can in area called Magic Wood, because I never got a chance to check it out on our last trip due to heavy snowfall in the area. My injury is getting better, and i am training in the gym, along with doing some physical therapy to get back into crushing shape! So until my next blog, i will be training hard in the gym and getting psyched for Swiss in October! I have also been making a ton of music in my spare time since my injury, check out my page. Here's the link-

Here are some photos from the trip, Enjoy!


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