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DH Buzet UCI C2 race, Croatia - Spela Horvat

DH Buzet UCI C2 race, Croatia - Spela Horvat
DH Buzet UCI C2 race, Croatia - Spela Horvat
DH Buzet UCI C2 race, Croatia - Spela Horvat
DH Buzet UCI C2 race, Croatia - Spela Horvat
DH Buzet UCI C2 race, Croatia - Spela Horvat
May 14, 2013 -  Spela Horvat    

Last weekend me and my team packed our bags and left for the UCI C2 race in Buzet, Croatia. I was so excited to race in Buzet again, as I last raced here three years ago, when I started racing downhill. For the past three years the race was always in really hot weather and in dry conditions, but this year the weather was really bad.


Buzet downhill track is usually really fast with some technical rock gardens and tight berms at the top and flat speedy sections at the bottom. It also has some really big jumps.

The weather forecast war really bad and heavy rain and a thunderstorm hit us hard on Saturday. The seeding run was planned on Saturday, but due to bad weather they had to cancel two hours of practise, so the seeding run was postponed on Sunday. The track was really muddy and slippery, the conditions were tough and a lot of riders decided not to race on Sunday. On Sunday the weather got better, but the track was still very slippery and was drying slowly. I qualified second.The key to a good race run was to stay on the bike. I had quite a few problems in my race run. Firstly, I had to pass two other girls on the track who I caught and crashed two times while passing, as the track was narrow and really muddy. Secondly,I had to ride flat pedals, because it was to muddy for the clip-in shoes and I'm not used to flat pedals. Overall my race run was a real mess and my time was bad to. However, it was still enough for second place, which is a good result on a UCI C2 race, where the amount of UCI points is really valuable.


1. Zarja Cernilogar (Blackthorn GT, SLO)

2. Spela Horvat (, SLO)

3. Urska Meznar (SKTD Avce, SLO)

foto: Kavcic, Ratajec, Sobo


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