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Spring Update - Jeff Provenzano

Spring Update - Jeff Provenzano
Spring Update - Jeff Provenzano
Spring Update - Jeff Provenzano
Spring Update - Jeff Provenzano
Spring Update - Jeff Provenzano
Spring Update - Jeff Provenzano
Spring Update - Jeff Provenzano
May 07, 2013 - 

In March I decided to give back to the sport of skydiving and give back to the skydiving center that helped me reach this level in the sport by becoming an official Load Organizer at Skydive Arizona. I used to Load Organize back in the day at Skydive AZ and it opened up many doors and opportunities in the sport like becoming a coach and achieving more than 1500 skydives per year. Well I am back at it and having more fun than ever taking people from around the world and making sure they receive a first class jumping experience on their trip to the largest skydiving center in the world.


It was a busy month with friends flying into Arizona from all over, including Matt Hill, Jefff Huck and Domi Kieger. Three bad ass free flyers that needed an extra flyer to join them in  their "Dynamic"  tunnel training. Dynamic flying is a style of free flying that is all about flow and movement. Since you are in confined space, all the movement constantly flows in never ending circles, every direction and every angle. Matt and Domi, current world champions, are experts and this was just good fun to join them and fine tune some of my own skills.


March was also Spring Break and Red Bull flew me out to Panama City Beach to take some lucky spring breakers on tandems. Unfortunately the weather in Florida did not cooperate but it was a good time to catch up with a few of my team mates on the beach. Life never sucks when your on the beach. Even if the weather sucks for skydiving.


From Florida beaches to NYC streets. It' s always a pleasure to link up with team mates in the greatest city on earth. Alaska Jon and I checked into the Dream Hotel Downtown to do a little work and scouting on some potential future projects that will take place in the heart of the Big Apple. A few of our other team mates arrived later, and how convenient to be smack in the middle of the meat packing district. No shortage of nightlife in this part of the city. But there was a catch. We had to lock it up and not burn down that town too late since we all needed to prepare for our jump into the New York Red Bulls Stadium for their home opener and jump in the game ball.


I remember that the next morning I was glad to be well rested. The jump into the Red Bulls Arena is always pretty exciting and it requires 100% focus and attention. It's a tight one. Jon, Travis, Andy and I jumped from the helicopter with our wing suits tracked across the sky in formation. We broke off, deployed our parachutes and linked up for a ducks in a row style landing into the Stadium. Followed by Luke jumping in the American flag where he stuck the landing on the perfect end note of the National Anthem. Epic.


Immediately following our NY demo I was back in Arizona for a one week training camp. It feels always feels good to come back to the sunshine and warm weather of Arizona this time of year and bang out a ton of jumps. I needed to get it out of my system because the very next week would be zero jumping at the Parachute Industry Association Convention.


The PIA Symposium happens every 2 years. It is where the industry gets together. This year it was held in Daytona. So back to the beach, back to Florida. I went there for one of my favorite sponsors, Larsen and Brusgaard. They are actually my first sponsor ever in the sport and they manufacture the best and most accurate altimeters in the world. The same altimeter Felix relied on and trusted to go to the edge of space. The trip to PIA concluded the month of March. No better group of people to be stuck inside a convention center.


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