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Hueco Spring Break - Kyle Francis

Hueco Spring Break - Kyle Francis
Hueco Spring Break - Kyle Francis
April 28, 2013 - 

Obviously I’m pretty late on this, but my latest trip to Hueco was awesome! I got to get on a bunch of climbs that I have always seen, but never been able to even touch, this time though, it was different. We had four days of climbing and the trip had about 10 people, all over the age of 15, needless to say, things always got out of hand, and very fast. The trip was awkward though, with climbers who maxed at V5-V12, all on one tour, thus making everyone compromise at all times. This was fun though, as I have developed more into a coach, being able to coach people who are psyched and can actually understand what I’m saying is a great atmosphere to have, so psych was always on high. Day one for me went really well, and I came away with The Flame (V12) in about thirty minutes of working it. the rest of that day was jut kind of trying whatever I could get my hands on, including a slew of V8s and V9s, which was fun. Day two was awesome, but bittersweet. After warming up I saw Slashface, and I just kinda stared at for a while, and then jut though that I could do it, moves looked like my style, and doable. Anyway ended up doing all the moves in about thirty minutes before the group decided they were bored of watching me go one move at a time and moved on, which was fine, they wanted to climb jut a much as I did. Only bad part though was that I never got to go back…..

The last two days we were on north, where I did martini left (V10) which turned out to be so damn physical and hard. The opening moves are all just ridiculous! I also did Diaphanous Sea (V11) third try. I basically got on, fell on the jump, stepped on, did the jump, reted, went from the start and fell on the jump, walked right back to the start and did it. Then just another slew of moderate climbs. Overall the trip was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to get revenge on slashface!!





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