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Road Trip to Joe's Valley - Greig Seitz

Road Trip to Joe's Valley - Greig Seitz
Road Trip to Joe's Valley - Greig Seitz
Road Trip to Joe's Valley - Greig Seitz
Road Trip to Joe's Valley - Greig Seitz
April 26, 2013 -  Greig Seitz    

Recently, I made a long trip to Joe's Valley.  I was down there for just over a week.  During this trip, I didn't have a goal in mind. I was trying to have low expectations.  I knew if my expectations weren't high, I wouldn't be disappointed with the outcome, regardless of how it went.

I was there for a total of eight days.  Three of these days were rest days.  My trip felt very short while I was there.  Time flies when you're climbing in Joe's Valley.  It's hard to make trips to areas like this while trying to balance my time with work and school.  I try my best to make at least one climbing trip every month.

During the trip, I decided to check out Worm Turns.  This climb is a steep roof with a big tufa feature which hangs down from it.  The crux of this problem is matching the tufa then moving off of it.  I put a lot of tries into this V11 boulder problem.  Finally, after trying it about fifteen times I topped it out!  This was one of the highlights of my trip.

Jitterbug Perfume is one of the most beautiful lines in the right fork.  When I walked up to the boulder for the first time, I knew that I was going to send it quickly.  It looked like it fit my body size and my climbing style perfectly.  That day, I decided to walk away and come back to try it fresh.  The next morning, I drove out to the boulder after warming up.  My friend, Paul Nadler, told me the beta.  Because of this, I knew exactly what to do.  As I pulled onto the boulder, everything just came together perfectly.  I kept breathing, and I flashed the boulder.  The top out was a little scary.  I didn't expect a hard top out after climbing through that problem.

My goal for this summer is to climb a lot of hard boulders in Rocky Mountain National Park.  I don't have a tick list written down yet.  Once I go up there and look around, I'm sure I will have a large list.


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