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Road Trip Post 1: Red River Gorge - Vikki Weldon

Road Trip Post 1: Red River Gorge - Vikki Weldon
Road Trip Post 1: Red River Gorge - Vikki Weldon
Road Trip Post 1: Red River Gorge - Vikki Weldon
April 22, 2013 - 

The Red River Gorge! Ah, those words are music to my ears! Ever since I visited the area 3 years ago, I have yearned to come back. Yet unfortunately, the prime seasons for climbing (spring & fall) seem to also be the prime seasons for learning. So I put in my time, and I have emerged as a Registered Nurse! Yahoo! So did I jump straight into a full time job? Heck no. I have my whole life to work! Instead, my boyfriend Tom and I packed up our lives into a tiny storage locker, and said goodbye to Vancouver. After a short trip to Skaha, a great climbing destination near Penticton, BC, we beelined it straight to the Red. It's our first destination on a 6 month road trip that will take us through Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, the Canadian Rockies, and back to Squamish (with many detours and zigzags in between I'm sure!).

After about a week and a half, we have completely settled in. We are calling Lago Linda's home, having plunked our little box camper down on its stilts in the Piney Woods. As for the climbing, I've had a bumpy start. After a few first days of getting pumped beyond belief, I was ready to start trying some harder routes. Yet before that could happen, I tweaked my shoulder during a long deadpoint move on a route at The Solarium. It took me about a day to go through all 5 stages of grief. By the end, I had accepted that my shoulder was what is was, and all I could do was rest. 5 days later, after alot of sitting and rubbing tiger balm on my shoulder, I gingerly stepped back on to the rock. It's been 2 days now, and I have been experiencing some blissfully pain free climbing! I am still a bit sore at the end of the day, but I feel so lucky that this little injury didn't turn out to be the deal breaker!

Tomorrow, we head to the Drive By Crag, one of my favourite here in the Red! With a great forecast, wonderful people, and some of the best sport climbing the world can offer, it's hard to wipe this grin off my face. 

Happy climbing everyone! Check out my blog: for more updates and pictures!


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