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Eastern Regional Championship at True North Climbing - Hans Christian Montenegro

Eastern Regional Championship at True North Climbing - Hans Christian Montenegro
Eastern Regional Championship at True North Climbing - Hans Christian Montenegro
April 20, 2013 -  Hans Christian Montenegro    

This is my last competition for this season. I did five competitions in the last five months. The regional Championship was in Toronto. There were 69 climbers in the open category. This time the out-of-town climbers came from Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston and the U.S. I met Dylan Barks, a good climber from the U.S.

The competition had 60 problems in the qualifying round. The qualifying round was easy and many climbers did well. So, the places for finals were determined by the flash try. I flashed four problems and I worked the other two problems. After two hours of climbing, I completed six problems beyond problem 54. This score put me in third place in the finals but I tied with Sebastien Lazure and he did problems 54 and 53. So, finally, I was in fourth place for the finals.

Then, I rested, ate and waited for the finals isolation.

This time, women did finals before men. So, men had to wait more time in isolation. We knew that there were only four problems. So, conserving energy was not a concern. I was feeling good and I was not tired at all.

For the finals, Rogers T.V. Toronto was filming. The first problem was a technical problem with a face wall. It was easy but hard to read the last part. I got the bonus area. The second problem was interesting but it involved a big movement. I could not reach the bonus area. The third problem was nice with a campus cross-hand part. I got the bonus. The last problem was the hardest one and I got the bonus. This problem was the best. The route setter used three volumes from ENTRE-PRISES world cup holds. The problem was technical, and hard at the same time. I really liked it. The results were: four climbers did not do any top and three climbers did one top and the American climber did three tops. I received seventh place in the competition. I learned that I am improving my competition results and I am very happy. I have to continue to train hard and to have fun.

Thanks to my sponsors and my friends for encouraging me to climb.


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