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SCS 2013 Open Nationals - Noah Ridge

SCS 2013 Open Nationals - Noah Ridge
SCS 2013 Open Nationals - Noah Ridge
SCS 2013 Open Nationals - Noah Ridge
SCS 2013 Open Nationals - Noah Ridge
April 10, 2013 - 

Last weekend I competed in SCS Adult Open Nationals at Movement Climbing and Fitness in Boulder, Colorado.  I had a great time at nationals and I’m super excited that I made it on the podium for the first time at adult nationals placing third. I defiantly reached my goals and beyond at this competition. 


SCS adult nationals is one of my favorite sport climbing comps in the US and this year there was a super strong field of competitors, including Daniel Woods, Carlo Traversi, Jon Cardwell, Vasya Vorotnikov and others. I was completely surprised that I was able to do so well competing against such a strong group. Also on the podium were Daniel Woods in first and FIVE TEN Athlete Jon Cardwell in 2nd

Open Nationals consists of two rounds with a qualifier on Friday and a finals round on Saturday night.  In qualifiers I flashed both routes which put me in a tie for first place with 4 other guys. The qualifier routes were super fun with the first one having a crux at the top and second really consistent and pumpy.  Each one was probably a similar grade but the second one felt a lot harder since I was still pretty tired from the first route.  I was really excited going in to finals after flashing both the qualifier routes, I defiantly hadn’t expected to do that well. 

The finals round the next night was a really awesome experience, at the beginning of finals everyone is introduced and runs out in a line in front of the crowd. Movement was completely packed and it was great to have a super energetic crowd cheering everyone on.  We  had five minutes to preview the route, as soon as I turned around I was really happy about our finals route, it looked super consistent, pumpy and didn’t have any crazy showy moves like the bat hang on last year’s final.  After going back to iso I came back out to climb I was getting a bit nervous before climbing as the bottom section had looked pretty hard in preview.  I was pleasantly surprised climbing as the bottom was a bit easier than I had expected but I started to get pumped really fast since there was absolutely no good rests. Once I got up near my high point I was fighting really hard to stay on the wall then eventually my hands just opened up.  Over all I had a great time at nationals and I’m really excited to get back to training for more competitions in the future and hopefully some time climbing outside this summer. 


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