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Joe's Valley Spring Break Trip - Sierra Carroll

Joe's Valley Spring Break Trip - Sierra Carroll
Joe's Valley Spring Break Trip - Sierra Carroll
Joe's Valley Spring Break Trip - Sierra Carroll
Joe's Valley Spring Break Trip - Sierra Carroll
April 10, 2013 - 

A little over due is my report from my Spring Break Trips. Along with a report of how well I have been able to break in and use my amazing new Dragons and Teams.   


It has been a little over a week since I returned to Boulder following my Spring Break adventures. After leaving town on Friday (later to find out we left just in time to miss the snow storm that hit Boulder that night) myself, my best friend Kyle and our friend Josh all made the drive to Joe's Valley in Utah. The about eight hour drive down there was spent needless to say very anxiously and excited to not be in the car. From the moment we started to drive until we finally set up camp at Joe's that night none of us wanted to be in the car, we just wanted to be there so that we could begin our climbing adventure. With the eight hour drive including very little traffic once on i-70 the majority of the ride was spent sleeping, keeping the driver awake and of course flipping through the guide book over and over again reading every description of hard and fun climbs I could find that I wanted to get on. With only five days to spend at Joe's we spent a major part of the car ride down there discussing what we wanted to get on over the next few days and how to do it in order to get in as many problems as possible. 

As the only one in the car who had not been to Joe's yet I was the most anxious to see what this climbing trip would hold. After hearing so much about this Bouldering location it did not disappoint me over the next few days as we went to numerous different areas and tried many different climbs. Over the next few days amidst high winds, very cold temps, sunny days, and intermittent perfect climbing conditions I had the opportunity to try and finish many classics and plenty of hard climbs that I am more then excited to get back on. Spending the first day cold and climbing on some classics and hard problems the longer into the trip the more and more excited I became about the countless problems at Joe's Valley that I wanted to finish either during the trip or over however many years it took. With not sending many climbs as it was my first trip there and just about everything we climbed on being v8/9 and above I was able to get very very close on a few different climbs and even send a v8 with only one shoe. As expected I did the Angler, and the came very close to sending Feels Like Grit among a few other classics. With many close goes on a few hard problems on some rather cold days I was excited for our last two days which the weather was supposed to be just about perfect climbing conditions for. Though the morning of our second to last day I slipped from the top of No Substance v9 and managed to fall between the pads and sprain my ankle. Having a gymnastics coach as a mother I proceeded to tape my ankle and continue to hike with Kyle and Josh and climb some the remainder of the trip. Though this did mean that a few of the problems that I was very close to finishing we chose to not go back to on the last day because of the possibility of falling from the top onto my ankle of the need for the ability to toe-in on a small left foot. Which with the inability to get my left shoe completely on because of swelling I chose to work on some of the other harder climbs which Kyle and Josh wanted to work on that generally meant I was not falling from as high. Though I was still in good enough climbing spirits and strength to  sending a v8 with my left shoe only half on. 

Following these five great fun days of climbing with many many pictures taken and even a great night session we headed home to Boulder, just to head to Crested Butte with my family to spend the rest of the week skiing at Crested Butte and Monarch Mountain. Overall it was definitely one of my best Spring Breaks ever! Not only did I have a great time, even with the ankle bummer, but I was also able to climb in a new place and find plenty of short term and long term projects that I hope to get back on by the end of the summer. Overall, just about the best Spring Break ever, rock climbing outside and skiing with new shoes and my favorite people... What more could you ask for?


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