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Weekend in Boulder - Nicholas Milburn

Weekend in Boulder - Nicholas Milburn
Weekend in Boulder - Nicholas Milburn
Weekend in Boulder - Nicholas Milburn
Weekend in Boulder - Nicholas Milburn
Weekend in Boulder - Nicholas Milburn
Weekend in Boulder - Nicholas Milburn
Weekend in Boulder - Nicholas Milburn
April 09, 2013 - 

Boulder had some more big names than usual this past weekend as it was SCS Open Nationals! Everyone flying in from everywhere including Canada and France Carlo Traversi even flew in from Switzerland.  This was my first SCS Open Nationals, so I was pretty psyched. I was traveling with a big crew gathered together by Kim Puccio. Shane Puccio, Joe Gifford, Danielle Rogan, Marisa Romero, Tiffany Murphy, Michaela Kiersh and I all hung out most of the time. Like I said... big crew.

Qualifiers didn't start until late Friday which was great because we all could sleep in nice and late. Qualifiers was very relaxed and smooth. We had two routes to climb and both looked sick! My first route was my favorite. It ran up the middle most impressive part of the wall. It wasn't too hard until higher up. The bottom built up the pump for the bouldery top section. I ended up falling off the second to last hold. My had wouldn't quite close down on the sloper.

My second route had a cool sequence where you campus across these big volumes. The volumes were jugs, so that was nice. The holds got smaller in the overhang and my hands started opening up. I through around the lip, but to no avail. I couldn't quite hold the pinch and piked off. I ended up placing 12th with that performance. If I sent the second climb I would have moved onto finals. It was motivational because I know there is room for improvement. Psych levels are high!

While we were waiting for finals Brendan Mitchell and I rode my unicycle around Brendan is now the third person I have turned to the darkside that is unicycling. We ended up getting some pretty cool pictures. Joe also choked me out using the force and hulk smashed us into the air. It was a good way to pass the time.         

Brendan and I manned two of the spot lights during finals which was cool. We got in early and read the routes which was fun. They looked hard and fun. Finals finally rolled around and it was definitely worth the wait. There were some strong girls and guys doing some impressive climbing. Daniel Woods didn't quite get to the top, but he got pretty damn close and took home the gold. Charlotte Durif came in from France and crushed the  finals route with an impressive top. Youth climber Delaney Miller destroyed coming in second. My hands were so sweaty watching finals! Everything was so tense!

Josh Levin and Kyra Condie went really fast and both ended up becoming speed National Champions. I think Josh can do the speed wall in literally half the time I can.

After finals 30 plus people went to IHOP and devoured some pancakes. I think we pissed off the staff, but it all ended up well. We went back to the hotel and played around with some AcroYoga. I saw two guys doing it at a comp and I was psyched to try some out. We pulled off some cool poses, but we really didn't know what we were doing. My back is shot and my legs feel a bit strange from holding people up.

Our last day in Boulder. Josh, Kyra, Noah Ridge, Kerry Scott and I went bouldering in Boulder Canyon. Josh wanted to get back on this cool V10, Cage Free, so we went straight to that boulder. We warmed up on Standard Bulge, V5 and Citadel, V8. This was Kerry's second time outdoor bouldering and after blowing three pads and bleeding all over the place she sent Citadel. She successfully skip V3 through V7. None of us could send Cage Free. Noah and Josh got really close, but couldn't quite stick the dyno. On the way out we stopped at The Game and Kerry and I tried some of the moves. I did some of the top section and Kerry basically flew up the thing. It look like someone carried her up the thing ;) FFA of The Game... video will be out soon.

This was an amazing trip with lots of friends and fun climbing. Congrats to all those awe inspiring athletes. Another comp well done.


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