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Spring Break Sandstone! - Joseph Gifford

Spring Break Sandstone! - Joseph Gifford
Spring Break Sandstone! - Joseph Gifford
April 02, 2013 - 

This spring break I traveled to Tennessee with Nick Milburn to climb some awesome southern sandstone. We set out on the highway and stopped in Lafayette for some rest. The next day we drove out and an hour into our drive we hit dead stopped traffic! So we got kinda bored sitting on the highway not moving and this led to Nick unicycling down the freeway which was quite entertaining. After hours of stop and go traffic we finally started moving fast and made it to Nicks house in Chattanooga, TN that night.

The next day we climbed at Stone Fort. The climbing was great, I did a v7 called deception and messed around with the Shield and got about halfway up it. The following day we got rained out so we chillaxed with Dalan and Sam who arrived from Dallas the previous night. Dayton was our next stop and it was a really cool place with lots of hard climbing. We went to the Dayton roof where I flashed Doom Laster v9 and got pretty close to sending Crazy Craver v11.

The next day we felt like doing some rope climbing at the Concave, which was really cold that day. I tried a climb called Man Show and fell on the last move my third try in. After that it just got too cold to rope climb, I couldn’t feel my fingers, and I was totally burnt out. We rested a day and then took a trip out to Rock Town. I started out on the Orb which is one of the best v8,s  I've done in the south, I then flashed Tractor Trailer v7 and sent Helicopter a really crimpy v9, after that I was pretty tired for the day, but me and Dalan had fun doing a made up 360 jump start to the scoop v3(it was totally epic).

That night we made some stellar apple pies for pie day and it was of course delicious. On our last day Nick and I decided to stop by HP40 for a couple hours on our way back home. We warmed up and did Law Dog a great v8 with a classic HP top out,  then tried to do Godmodule, a very hard one move wonder v11, we got totally shut down on it so we decided to go try Millipede which is the hardest v5 I have ever tried especially when it's in the sun in 75 degree weather slapping on terrible slopers. After getting even more shut down we went to do some slab climbing to boost our confidence a bit on a v1,v2,v3,v3, and v4, it was good was end to the day. I went back to Austin to continue training and had a great time on the southern sandstone.


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