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Coyote Rock Gym - Ottawa, ON - Hans Christian Montenegro

Coyote Rock Gym - Ottawa, ON - Hans Christian Montenegro
March 27, 2013 - 

This is my fourth competition of the season. There were 58 climbers in the open category. The out-of-town climbers came only from Toronto and Montreal.

The Coyote Rock Gym is a famous place for competitions in eastern Canada. They always put on a good show for spectators and have good problems for competitors.

The qualifying round was not too hard and many climbers did the hardest problems. After three hours of climbing, I completed six problems in the top seven problems. This score put me in eighth place in the finals. I was nervous because all the climbers were in excellent shape.

Then, I rested, ate and waited for the finals isolation. In isolation, I realized that I was in good shape too. My only problem was my mind. I needed to push out all the bad ideas about my performance. That was what I did. I meditated, breathed and convinced myself to make a good effort. I was ready to battle against myself.

Women and men competed in the finals at the same time. There were four problems.

The first problem was easy. There were many sloppy holds on a box structure wall. I flashed the problem number one. The second problem was interesting. There were many good holds but a weird  reading. I flashed this problem too. The third problem was the hardest one. This boulder was a technical problem on a face wall. I got the bonus. The fourth problem was a roof. The problem was so nice. It took me many trys to figure out the beta. Finally, I started with a toe hook. The last problem was not too hard but I only got the bonus because I wasted my time. I received fifth place in the competition. I learned that you really need to fight against yourself and not the other competitors.

It was great to participate in this competition. Next competition is a regional in Toronto. See you there.
Thanks to my sponsors and my friends for encouraging me to climb.


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