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The Classic Beach Route - Nick Bradley

The Classic Beach Route - Nick Bradley
The Classic Beach Route - Nick Bradley
March 18, 2013 - 

Last week some friends and I went to Stinson, a town on the west coast of California, to go try a famous 8b/8b+ called Surf Safari. The perfect steep overhang the line is on is right next to the shoreline of the Pacific, which makes just being down there worthwhile. I warmed up on the easier moves of an 8a to the left of Surf Safari called Endless Bummer, which I later sent after I was warmed up. The next thing to do obviously was to get on Surf Safari. I got plenty of beta, and flashed every move by hanging each clip just to get each move down. My second and third go I really tried to send, and that day got pretty close, close enough for it to be all I could think about until I went back. 


I've been training and training and training trying to take back my National title, and to make this year by far my best. All Surf Safari did was encourage me even more. We finally went back just a few days ago, and I just had to do it. I had heard that when Chris Sharma was 16 years old, he did it, making it the youngest accent. More encouragement. I warmed up by doing the route clip-to-clip, so I didn't get pumped, and could still work the moves. I gave it the first real go of the day, and despite how shaky and horrible I felt, I managed to fall on the very last hard move. After that, I repeated doing that about three times. It was late, but I decided to give it another go, just because. Turns out "One more go," ended up being the go that I sent! I finally got to get on some nice quality outdoor routes, and it paid off! Surf Safari became my first 8b! Too bad I can't just say 8b+ because of the slash grade (8b/+), but I guess I'll just have to do one then! I could possibly be the youngest to ever climb Surf Safari, but who knows.. Crazy. So happy I had the chance to climb such a classic as this one. Mickey's Beach Arete 8b+ next!


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