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Starting a Topsport Climbing Team in a Country Without Rocks - Michel Kleinjan

Starting a Topsport Climbing Team in a Country Without Rocks - Michel Kleinjan
March 05, 2013 -  Michel Kleinjan    

Back again with an whole new blog season. What happened the last 4 months: Personally I did a lot of power training in the gym. My trainer Hans Kroon is a well known Olympic power trainer here in Rotterdam. He guided me thru a power program to build by body again after my down time the last 8 years. It was an eye opener for me. I thought I was a sportsman because I progressed the last year from 6a to 7a french. But when I started the power training I knew I could progress much more then I could think of. Mentally and physically. So I started training after my return from Adrespach in the Czech republic in October. See older blog on that. My winter was some how easy and clear. Training for 5 time a week, 3 x strength, 1 x bouldering and 1 x lead climbing, every week for 4 months. In those months I also started a top sport climbing team with young talented climbers from Rotterdam. It takes 4 months to get those youngsters all together. But all comes together now. They went to Siurana last week and climbed some awesome routes. They didn't sent them yet, but in Holland we're yust at the beginning of the season. These boys go to school and combine the real hard study life with a rock climbing top sport career. Routes the practice on are MrCheki 8b+ and anabolica 8a

For a Dutch climber not too bad. See pictures. 

The other adventure is to get the team rolling. FiveTen is helping out with a pro deal, with means a support on the great shoos the make. Thank you so much FiveTen team Europe. Besides this I started a crowd funding campaign to get some budget to train the guys and help out on the costs for rock and competition trips. Check it out on:

For my own progress I'll be updating every mont from now. My goal this year is to climb 7b insight and 8a red point. Still Five Ten is sponsoring me in an awesome way and I'd like to thank Ivo Ninov for his support and believe in my sportive goals of myself and the talent team I started this year. Stay tuned, and don't hesitate to contact if you want to share any thoughts on training for climbing or performing on rock or comps. Hope to hear from you all climbers, Michel Kleinjan - 


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