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End of a month of great training, on to the next month.... - Sierra Carroll

End of a month of great training, on to the next month.... - Sierra Carroll
March 05, 2013 -  Sierra Carroll    

Wow, it is already March. The year is going by so quickly, with Youth Nationals coming to a close this past weekend and Spring Break only 18 days away the semester is moving along quickly. This past few weeks have been crazy with school, along with climbing. Just a month ago I was trying to figure out whether or not I would be able to compete in Open National Championships two weeks ago as well as how much time I would have to be able to volunteer for youth nationals. Now with the month of February over I am excited to see what the next month holds.

At the beginning of February I was not able to register to compete in Open Nationals because of an engineering exam that I could not get out of, well i guess that just gives me more time to train now that I am healthy and look forward to competing next year after hopefully spending many months climbing outside.

Since my last post I have been able to get into a consistent cross-trianing schedule and have gotten in many great power sessions with even a few great rope sessions. The past two weeks I have had a great time helping two of the youth on the Power Micro's team I coach as they prepared for Nationals. I had a great time encouraging them during the event, and having the opportunity to see so many strong youth and adult competitors compete these past two weeks. Personally during the week it has been great to have new routes to train on and plenty of new problems at the BRC and the Spot to project and train on.

This past weekend I went home to Colorado Springs to volunteer for Youth Nationals, sadly I was scheduled as an alternate volunteer and was never actually needed. Though that meant that I had the opportunity to talk and interact with many of the youth competitors and coaches that I have climbed with, been coached by, and coached in the past. The two youth from the team I am currently helping to coach had a great weekend, both competing in their first National championships it was great to see them climb in their first Nationals with one of them placing 22nd and the other one placing 8th. During the weekend I was able to go down and climb on many of the citizens competition climbs at CityRock as well as look at there whole new level in the gym. Needless to say with the changes they have made in the past 2 months I am now very excited to be back in Colorado Springs for the summer and having such a great gym to train at with plenty of people to go climbing outside with.

As I look forward to the next few weeks I am excited to work on the new problems that go up every week. I am also very excited to cross-train and hopefully get in some new climbing shoes one of the next few days which I would love to be able to use to boulder outside locally this weekend as long as the weather doesn't serve to be too nasty. Well as of now I am going into the weeks to come excited to train and working to improve upon my weaknesses so that this summer being healthy I will be able to tick off tons of different routes on problems around Colorado. But till then I will enjoy training, coaching and preparing for the climbing trips I have planned for the future.


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