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Youth ABS 14 Nationals - Nicholas Milburn

Youth ABS 14 Nationals - Nicholas Milburn
Youth ABS 14 Nationals - Nicholas Milburn
Youth ABS 14 Nationals - Nicholas Milburn
Youth ABS 14 Nationals - Nicholas Milburn
Youth ABS 14 Nationals - Nicholas Milburn
March 05, 2013 -  Nicholas Milburn    

Just finished up competing in Youth ABS 14 Nationals! I’ve been psyched for this comp for a long time now. I was feeling pretty good about myself moving into this comp except I had the worst back pain I have ever had in my life. I’m not entirely sure what it was, but it would occasionally hurt to breath. I could be wrong, but I think that is a bad thing. Luckily by the time the comp came it wasn’t quite as bad and if I took a bunch of Vitamin I (ibuprofen) it felt better.

At this nationals there was some ridiculous competition. Micheal O’Rourke who has climbed V14, a bunch of past national champions and even more double digit climbers. On qualifier day my category sat around all day waiting for iso to open up. Finally around 7:00 pm we all wandered in. Luckily I was third out because the comp ran late. After qualifiers I was in 1st. If I could maintain that place everything would be good.

Unfortunately after semifinals I dropped down to 6th. If I successfully matched a hold I would have been in 3rd, so the point is we were all really close.

I knew I had to destroy in finals to win. With all these strong guys it would not be easy. I felt tired through the entire comp, not like sleepy, but like I need a rest day and that is not helpful when trying to with nationals. It took its toll on me and I couldn’t manage to top anything in finals. I most definitely had my lady pants on that day. I suggest making sure you brought your man pants when checking into iso. Josh Levin remembered to bring his man pants. They were especially visible after third top in finals. There are only three problems in finals by the way. I’d say it was a solid way to finish out his youth bouldering career. I ended up maintaining my 6th place.

A whole lot of strong climbing went down that day. Congrats to everyone who competed and a special congrats to Brendan Mitchell for winning this year’s North Face Young Gun award.


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