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Stone Fort Winter - Patrick Krieger

Stone Fort Winter - Patrick Krieger
Stone Fort Winter - Patrick Krieger
Stone Fort Winter - Patrick Krieger
Stone Fort Winter - Patrick Krieger
Stone Fort Winter - Patrick Krieger
Stone Fort Winter - Patrick Krieger
March 04, 2013 -  Patrick Krieger    

Before reading the long post, check out the video of the trip first, I can only imagine its more interesting than listening to me talk about the trip!

     After an easing period spanning a few months, 3 friends of mine and myself packed up for a 2 week trip and headed down to Stone Fort, Tennessee, where we hoped to spend our cold winter break under the Mason Dixon line in the sun.  Unfortunately, though we made it past the war line we immediately caught rain.

     Catherine and I arrived a few days earlier than the others, Shane and Tyler, and decided to spend our days at Rocktown.  We pulled the 13 hour shift in one shot and unloaded at a Starbucks before moving on to the crag parking lot, where we spent the last daylight surveying the sandstone boulders and gaping at which project we were going to get on the next day.  After darkness fell, we spent several gallons of gas searching for a suitable camping area nearby, going up and down dirt roads and semi-paved developments following suggestions from the internet.  And, as we parked our car under the Trad wall, rain started to pour.

     Sluggish from the long day and disheartened by the conditions we drove back to Chattanooga and pilfered free wifi from the library.  It took several days of repeating this pattern before we finally made it to Stone Fort on a cool sunny day where we got advice that there was a parking area no more than five minutes away that we could sleep in our car at, which came as a relief from the Walmart parking lot we had been favoring.  Not glamorous, but it kept us close to the action.

     Our added time was shot by the rain and our friends arrived early the next day, ready to climb.  We patrolled the classic moderates, tackling each in as quick a time as possible; with all the rock we were afforded in the area we didn't want to waste time!  Genghis Khan, the bowling ball boulder, the Wave, and countless others fell rapidly, and as we made our way over to Ribcage we ran into Zoe Steinberg and our friend Jesse on a similar climbing trip, though they were leaving the next day.

    Over then next couple days we picked out projects and dispatched them.  I ended up favoring the harder moderates in lieu of difficult lines to get quantity climbing in on my vacation, flashing a 7C or two (I really cant remember at this point) and multiple 7B+'s, but mainly taking it easy.  And, after decking on Rules of Chaos the previous year I decided it was a good idea not to get too far off the deck.  From a previous trip I knew there was a line I could try nearby that was maybe TOO close to the ground but I could try the crux move over and over without much effort getting to it, so we wandered over to the Chattanoogan.  Cat tried the stand (Midway) while Tyler and Shane climbed around the area and eventually did Shotgun nearby.  It took me climbing through the crux and punting a few times before I sent, but it happened!

     Going off of a suggestion we found the nearby area the Pepboy boulders, where few climbers traveled to in the wake of the /much/ larger area at LRC.  The first boulder we saw was a beautiful line called 7-11, and the next day we went down and tried Gross' roof, which I later sent in good luck.

      Not a week into our trip the forecast called for 10 days of continuous rain, so we fled the area.  Cat and I stopped to do a hike in the Smokey mountains as the rain broke, and although we barely got time to climb it proved a moderately successful trip.  Now back in the homeland of the army, I'm excited for spring projects, and plan to make another short video with the local climbers on all the psych brewing for this season.


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