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Rope Season - Nick Bradley

Rope Season - Nick Bradley
February 22, 2013 - 

The best part of the year is back: Rope season. It's finally time to start training for sport to get out to this year's IFSC World Youth Championships. This year should be good because last year was such an improvement, and I'm a lot more motivated to take back my National Champion title. This year I have decided to take more effort in trying actual routes at local crags, and hop on some 14's whether they look possible or not, just to help with sequencing on harder routes. A local crag called Jailhouse is about 2 hours away from my home, which holds some of the most unique climbing I've ever experienced. It has an endless amount of blocks and bulges with hidden holds and knee-bar sequences, that makes it a lot harder to climb hard there quick without working almost every move.

Anyway, it has some of the best hard routes in the Bay Area, so hopefully that will work out. Other than that, training indoors has been going well. Multiple sets of three laps on some 5.13a's and 5.13b's seem to have quickly built up some endurance, and even though I have only been training for less than a month with ropes I believe my endurance is a lot better than it was when I was last time I trained ropes (Summer of 2012). A lot more training days to come.. Good thing Five Ten gives me the best shoes.


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