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South East Asia Trip: Part 2 - Malaysia - Jill Kuzman

South East Asia Trip: Part 2 - Malaysia - Jill Kuzman
South East Asia Trip: Part 2 - Malaysia - Jill Kuzman
South East Asia Trip: Part 2 - Malaysia - Jill Kuzman
South East Asia Trip: Part 2 - Malaysia - Jill Kuzman
South East Asia Trip: Part 2 - Malaysia - Jill Kuzman
South East Asia Trip: Part 2 - Malaysia - Jill Kuzman
South East Asia Trip: Part 2 - Malaysia - Jill Kuzman
February 14, 2013 - 

Next stop on my South East Asia trip is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Borneo was a complete blast, but this is the big event. The one I've been dreaming of since I first started jumping. The Menara KL is the fifth largest communications tower in the world. The building stands at 1381ft to the top of the antenna. We jump from the overhanging observation deck at just over 900ft. A tall, slider up, BASE jump from an overhung building that I don't have to sneak around to get into and I get an elevator ride to the top?! You've gotta be kidding me, right? This is what heaven must be like.

First few days in the city, we spend sight-seeing and attending briefings about the tower jumps. We check out the deck we're jumping from, the different landing areas, the different parachute packing locations and have a briefing on aerials by one of the most talented jumper I've had the pleasure of jumping with, Chris 'Douggs' McDougal. I couldn't be more stoked to be jumping this amazing building.
The city of Kuala Lumpur blew my mind the second I got there. Its by far the biggest busiest city I've ever been in. Crossing an eight lane road at the heart of rush hour... scary. Trying to get a cab ride without getting ripped off... good luck. Eating an amazing three course meal in the street market for $2... done. Forget New York, this city is stunning and never seems to shut down.
Once the jumping begins, all bets are off. Anything goes here. I start off with a triple gainer. I can't believe the crazy stuff happening at this event. If this were in the US, half the stuff we're doing would surely have been banned. I love how supportive Malaysia is of BASE jumping. I watch all kinds of multi-ways, flips, relative work, free-flying, totem poles, rope swings, crane jumps. Gah!!!! My head might explode from all the fun we're having here.
Jumping goes on and gets more and more ridiculous as the four days pass. This is possibly the best time I've ever had. One personal accomplishment that stands out in my mind would be throwing my first quintuple gainer (five back flips). I also took part in a kinda sketchy, but well executed triple stack totem pole front flip (what's this, you say?). I also participated in the 10-way women's world record jump, with 9 of the finest ladies I've had the pleasure of meeting, partying and sharing an exit point with. Look for all of these in the video.
Even though we had an amazing time, I still saw a few of my friends get hurt. This really brings you back to reality. It reminds you that no matter how many jumps you have, how well you plan things out, BASE jumping is dangerous and things can still go wrong. My last day in Kuala Lumpur I visited three friends in the Gleneagles Hospital. One resulting from multiple building impacts caused by an off-heading opening with multiple line twists. The other from a canopy wrap when one person became entangled in the others canopy, spiraling them violently to the ground. Thankfully, everyone survived and is on their way to recovery.
The last night we attend the closing ceremony at the tower and move onto the after party the event coordinators have thrown for us at a local bar. They treat us like celebrities. Some of the nicest people I have ever met. Free drinks, dancing on the stage, getting rowdy and jumping in water fountains in the street. I love my friends, old and new. Fun is fun.
Next day we all pile into cabs, on little sleep and make our way to the airport. Some of us are heading home. Some of us are heading on new adventures. Me and about 10 of my friends are heading to Tonsai Bay, Thailand...


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