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T-Town Pull Down - Francesca Metcalf

T-Town Pull Down - Francesca Metcalf
T-Town Pull Down - Francesca Metcalf
T-Town Pull Down - Francesca Metcalf
February 09, 2013 - 

Last weekend, we kicked off the 2013 Collegiate Climbing Series with the T-Town Pull Down at the University of Alabama. I, as well as eight other Georgia Tech Climbing Club members took the short drive to Tuscaloosa to compete with climbers from all over the South East. For many of our climbers, it was their first time competing in years, or ever, and it was great to see the excitement of a competition through their eyes. I enjoyed explaining to them the ins and outs of competing, things that I have known for so long, that I forgot that most people have no idea about them.  


I had a ton of fun competing with some awesome climbers from my school, climbers that I had meet last year though CCS and a ton of psyched new climbers. Since the comp was geared more towards newer climbers, a few of us ended up getting most of the hardest routes in the gym, but they definitely challenged all of us, and the setting was great for a small college comp with pretty limited space. This comp is the only CCS comp of the season (other than Nationals) with finals. They took the top three girls and guys from advanced, including me and another Georgia Tech and Five Ten climber, Ryan Copeland- both of us in first place. The format was slightly different than the usual onsite format because there wasn't an official rest period. Each person had five minutes on a climb and a one minute transition time in which they walked to and scoped out the next climb. Again, the three finals problems were really well set and a lot of fun to climb. I ended up finishing all three of them and Ryan was the only one to finish any of his problems, so we both kept our places. Next weekend we have the second comp of the season at the University of Alabama, Birmingham and I'm hoping it will be just as awesome.  

Photo credit: Ying Yao

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