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New Training Schedule and Beautiful Winter Days - Sierra Carroll

New Training Schedule and Beautiful Winter Days - Sierra Carroll
New Training Schedule and Beautiful Winter Days - Sierra Carroll
New Training Schedule and Beautiful Winter Days - Sierra Carroll
January 31, 2013 - 

The year 2013 is just about one month over. I am back in Boulder after spending the holidays with my family in Colorado Springs and needless to say it does not feel like winter in Colorado (well aside from the last two cold and semi-snowy days that we have had). Sadly most places in Colorado still do not have enough snow to open the whole mountain for ski season to really begin, though in terms of climbing this hasn't been too horrible.

Over break I was able to spend a week with my family overseas, sadly I was not able to go climbing while there but I spent as much time working out as I could. While I was also able to do some awesome things in the warm weather including going diving for the first time ever and adding two more countries to my list of traveled locations. It turned out to be a great experience that was tons of fun and something I definitly want to be able to do again. Both before and after the trip I had a great time training at mainly the Sport Climbing center. Surprisingly even though it was December I initially had planned on heading outside for a few days. Though the few days I had wanted to go outside I ended up getting the start of a cold and deciding to not venture into the 30 degree weather or they happened to be the days when the weather quickly turned sour. Luckily however, I have been able to get outside since then at Shelf road. About a week into the year I returned home to Boulder and began to settle in to my new semester schedule figuring out when I was going to be able to climb and cross train each week.

The first weekend into the semester turned out to be a beautiful weekend which I was able to spend part of in Shelf road. Which turned out to be awesome, with perfect wheather and tons of people I had a great day finding new climbs in an area that I hope one day I can do every climb in. I have never before been to Shelf and seen as many people as I did that weekend. When I lived in Colorado Springs I tended to try and head down the Shelf on week days as much as I could and if I was going on a Saturday then I tended to end up at some of the less traveled areas to work on projects. Though that weekend we chose to climb on what we discovered to be a very popular wall during a very popular and beautiful weekend. We were able to have a great time working on some great climbs which I had never been on before. I was able to get on a few classics at shelf even with all the people there which turned out to be a blast and climbs I will definitely be back to get on.  

Since then I have figured out my schedule well enough to plan in running and cross training a few days a week along with many days of climbing. I have actually just gotten home from a good run after coaching the power micro team at Boulder Rock Club. This week has been a week of a few great training sessions and I can't wait to see what next week brings, especially with tons of new problems being set at the Spot friday. Hopefully February will prove to be as successful in terms of training as this week has been so far.


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