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ABS Division 2 Championships - Matt Lubar

ABS Division 2 Championships -  Matt Lubar
ABS Division 2 Championships -  Matt Lubar
ABS Division 2 Championships -  Matt Lubar
ABS Division 2 Championships -  Matt Lubar
January 20, 2013 - 

Just as an arctic cold front hit Colorado, I headed south to sunny Tucson, Arizona for the ABS Division 2 Championship. While everyone back in Boulder was suffering through sub zero temps, I was sippin’ on Piña coladas and basking in the warm Arizona sun! Well, not exactly, but I still had a blast competing and hanging out with my team! I left school early on Friday, January 11th and went to the airport with coaches Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou, Garrett Gregor, Nic Sherman, and teammates Nick Lyon, Shawn Raboutou, and Austin Lankford. After a short delay due to snow, we took off and “enjoyed” a bumpy two hour flight to Tucson. We arrived at our hotel around 7, had a quick dinner, and went off to bed to get some much needed rest before qualifiers the next morning.


We rolled into The Bloc Climbing and Fitness bright and early the next day for the first round of competition. I was set to climb first in my category, but I still had some time to kill in isolation before I began warming up. As usual, before I knew it, my name was called and off I went! Aside from a few minor hiccups, I climbed well in qualifiers and ended up topping all four boulders, which was good enough to secure me 2nd place and shoot me into finals the next day!

I found myself back in Isolation the following afternoon, feeling well rested and stronger than the previous day. My mind was perfectly in sync with my body, and every movement I made while warming up felt easy. Eventually, I was called out and took a seat in front of my first boulder. As time was called, I stood up, turned around, and took the first look at problem one. It was a relatively straightforward slab with a powerful looking one legged stand-up midway through. I jumped on and easily cruised through the intro moves, eventually finding myself at the stand-up. To my surprise, I couldn’t get my leg to budge. Try as I might, My toothpick of a leg wouldn’t push hard enough to stand up! I tried twice more but to no avail, and off I went to the next chair without a top. Normally, I would have been angry with myself for failing in such a way, but this time I felt completely calm and under control. I knew now that I had to top all three remaining boulders if I wanted a chance at winning, so I focused my energy ahead and put problem one behind me. I ended up flashing two, doing three second go, and controlling the last hold on four. Once again, this was good enough to put me in 2nd place, which I was extremely happy with! As usual, going to comps with Team ABC is always eventful, and I had a great time climbing and goofing off all weekend! Up next is Open Nationals at the end of February followed by Youth Nationals the weekend after. Until then, I’ll be ramping up the training and throwing a fair amount of squats in there too!


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