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Female WOLFPACK - Suz Graham

Female WOLFPACK - Suz Graham
Female WOLFPACK - Suz Graham
December 19, 2012 - 

Introducing the FemaleWolfpack. I’ve been helping her on this project and couldn’t be more excited. Basically, it’s a website that is meant to do one thing and one thing only. Showcase chicks out there getting radical. Skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, climbing, BASE jumping, kayakaing, surfing, skateboarding…. ANYTHING. It’s a media platform to get footage out there and main stream of girls essentially killing it. It’s for professional athletes and up and coming shredders alike. Check out the teaser below. You may recognize a certain skier/BASE jumper making a few appearances.

Aaaannndddddd, (drumroll) lucky you… here is a PREVIEW SITE. It hasn’t officially launched yet but you are special so you get to check out the preview version. Once it launches, there will be a new featured video regularly and generally refreshing the face-melting-chick-action supply. CLICK HERE FOR THE PREVIEW SITE 

I just have to say one more thing… something Rachael and I agree on and, well, I won’t get started on my soapbox right now (we’ll save that for another post) but the one thing that I am most proud of with this site, is the only rule basically is no nudity or or sexual exploitation. As women, and especially as women in our sport, you can get lots of attention, likes, views, and fans by strutting around in lingerie and ski boots, down-dogging in your underwear, skiing naked lines, and base jumping with your boobs out- (I have good friends who’ve done all of this, please don’t take offense… I’m just adding my opinion to the melting pot) This works for some girls, and hey, the more power to you I guess- but I personally think it widens the gap between men and women as actual athletes because it just etches us deeper in the minds of a male dominated sport as sex symbols and objects rather than legitimate athletes. A photographer said to me once, (that I won’t mention his name here) “you women should just stick to being lingerie models, it’s something that you are actually good at, leave the skiing to the men.” I should have punched him in the face then and there but I was too young and too shy to stick up for myself. I’ll never forget those words, now it’s just fuel to send it even harder. Sure, I accept and embrace the fact that I’m a women and yes, we are different, but I chose to gain attention by sending it rather than sexing it. But maybe it’s because I’m stubborn and always seem to do things the hard way. Who knows. Here is an excerpt from the site-

“One more thing, and one of the things I feel most passionately about for the site and for the general purpose of girls in a world like ours. The only rule for the submissions on this site- “There are ample opportunities for women to promote themselves as sex symbols. FemaleWolfPack is designed to promote female visibility in another light: as athletes. Don’t exploit your femininity to gain visibility: the point with the website is that now you don’t have to. Take this opportunity to be sexy just by kicking ass at your sport. If you have a problem with this… then start your own sexy site. Sorry. “

The first website designed specifically to increase female visibility in individual action sports,, prepares for launch. will highlight video content only.The website features a media platform for professional and amateur female action sports athletes to showcase edits, video clips, helmet cam moments, and more.

“I’ve been skiing professionally for 6 years and have been frustrated by the limitations of filming opportunities based on sponsorship alliances and existing film paradigms. I feel like if you’re doing things that are film-worthy, you should be filmed. Subsequently I decided to ripple the waters a bit: I want to give all girls an opportunity to be seen. .  . is a place to show the world what we’re capable of.” –Rachael Burks, professional freeskier/ founder is unprecedented, unprejudiced, and unrestricted. It highlights female athletes from all disciplines including: skiing, snowboarding, surfing, skating, slack‐lining, BASE‐jumping, speed‐flying, climbing, kayaking, dancing, mountain biking, and more. The website is an organization of interesting video content. It is a place for any online viewer interested in action sports entertainment to go and watch incredible footage without spending time weeding through viral clutter. Conceived as an unbiased platform, gives women an opportunity to streamline their talent without reliance on financial commitments. The idea is simple: create the video, upload it, and submit it to for international exposure.  

“I think that the place to start is with smaller edits with videographers and also doing self edits with GoPro's and whatnot. People love watching girls shred (and trust me...there are a lot of girls that shred!!)”- Katie Holden (Professional mountain biker)

“The best way to teach is by example; let’s teach the whole world that women are rad through simply showcasing what already exists. “ –Suz Graham (Only female ski-BASE-jumper on the planet)


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