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Nov/Dec 2012: The Beginnings of a Climbing Team - Will Roderick

Nov/Dec 2012: The Beginnings of a Climbing Team - Will Roderick
December 15, 2012 -  Will Roderick    

Classes have finished, and winter break is just starting. Over the past month, I’ve mostly been climbing indoors both at the gym on the Stanford campus and at Planet Granite in Sunnyvale, CA. Actually, just recently at Planet Granite, Andy Lamb and I saw Daniel Woods, Alex Johnson, and Kevin Jorgeson, who were teaching a clinic as part of Professional Climbers International. Andy and I have both been training hard, and we’ve also been taking interested students to the climbing gym.

A couple days ago, we, along with another climbing buddy named Matthew, met with the director of outdoor education at Stanford, and we got approval to start climbing team practices next quarter. We’re hoping to start competing by springtime. The plan is to do the CCS in the spring, and try to organize a local series for the fall. I’ve talked to dozens of students who are keen on joining the team, and it should be an awesome group. We’ll have a mixture of both experienced and new climbers, which I think will make for a great dynamic. At the moment, it looks like the more experienced climbers will lead the team and help the beginners choose equipment – I’ll be sure to recommend the dragons. We’re also planning to climb outdoors from time to time – making trips to Castle Rock, Yosemite, or Bishop. A new, larger on-campus gym is in the process of being built and should be finished by September; the larger area will facilitate more practices and comps.

The Stanford Climbing Team is off the ground!


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