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One of My Better Weeks - Nicholas Milburn

One of My Better Weeks - Nicholas Milburn
One of My Better Weeks - Nicholas Milburn
One of My Better Weeks - Nicholas Milburn
One of My Better Weeks - Nicholas Milburn
One of My Better Weeks - Nicholas Milburn
One of My Better Weeks - Nicholas Milburn
December 09, 2012 - 

Let's just start out by saying that this week is awesome. I am now officially the owner of a DSLR camera. I bought myself a Canon 60D, so now I won't have to ask my step-dad for his camera or be stuck with just my cell phone. This is actually the same camera my step-dad has, so I'm familiar with all its buttons and knobs. Now all I need is a trip to officially christen my camera.

Some more fantastic news. University of Colorado at Boulder accepted me!!! This is my number one choice of college, so I am pretty psyched. Now I need to start doing all that pre-college stuff and look for scholarships.  And my dad might move to Colorado, which would be pretty rad.

Also, Stone Moves just built this sick 45 degree wall. It is the nicest wall in the gym and the biggest bouldering wall. 16 feet of climbing distance and 22 feet wide. Once we paint this beast and get some pads under it, the training begins!

The last awesome thing is that I got a pair of Five Ten Aescents. These shoes are sick! I haven't worn them much yet because I just got them today, but talk about aesthetics.  Made with real leather, my favorite color (red), and of course the ever sticky stealth rubber. Everyone should buy five pairs once they come out in the spring.

ABS Regionals was this weekend also, and who doesn't love a good comp. This year, a crew of setters made this comp possible. John Muse, Tom Carter, Phillip Symons, Kevin Goradia and Morgan Young put in some hard work, and their effort showed. These were some wicked problems. The first climb had a volume on top of another volume! It doesn't get much cooler that. The second climb had a cool move down low where my leg swung out and it felt cool, but the coolest part was moving through a hueco on the underside of a volume and bicycling it once I moved past it. The third problem was definitely the hardest. All the holds were decent teknik pinches that did not want be held. It had one particularly hard move through a particularly bad pinch that almost spit me off, but I ended up sending it. The fourth problem had a crazy jump start to a volume that was just awesome. Then it moved through two more volumes, and if your name is Joe Gifford, you skip the last hold and jump the finish hold. The fifth problem had two moves that stood out amazingly. The start required this awesome press in order to move my feet up so that I could get across a dihedral. The move to the finish hold felt like it was going to pretty hard, but if I perched just right it's felt like a V0 move. Finally the last boulder, number six. A slab-tastick climb. This one started on volume then moved across to a bad pinch, and I had to carefully move my foot to this sloping square. Then it climbed up an arete to the finish hold which was an upside down ledge, so I could press myself into it or just grab the sides. The point is that these climbs were sick. Unfortunately, I was in the last group to climb, so I never got any pictures of anyone else climbing.

My sister and brother competed in this comp also. Max placed second to a kid who was probably twice his height. In fact Max was the shortest person in his age group by a lot. This was Cici's first Iso comp ever, which is pretty awesome (She is six by the way). I didn't get to watch her climb, but she said she tried hard and had fun.


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