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Winter: Coughs, Comps & Colds - Alan Cassidy

Winter: Coughs, Comps & Colds - Alan Cassidy
Winter: Coughs, Comps & Colds - Alan Cassidy
Winter: Coughs, Comps & Colds - Alan Cassidy
December 08, 2012 -  Alan Cassidy    

Since I got back from the USA the time has flown by. October was a month of daydreaming that we had started our trip to the RRG a month later as I witnessed, from afar, just what the cutting edge climbers can do with lots of time and lots of good conditions.  

Back here in Scotland I have been busy and ill in about equal doses.

Though the schedule all involves climbing, it is amazing how little climbing it leaves you time for yourself. The playful fun of coaching the TCA Glasgow Youth Squad is balanced out yin and yang style by the paper work that goes on behind the scenes. There has been the regular route setting and the more enjoyable but more pressured organisation and setting for TCA competitions. There have been 3 of those in 2 months. I have also be lucky enough to find myself on a steering group which is going to provide the sport of bouldering in the UK a great foot up in terms of grassroots youth development. 

Post trip blues left me unmotivated for indoor training not ideal for the British Lead Climbing Championships that are usually a big motivator for me.

I thought I could improve upon the disappointing performance at home by trying the national championships of another country. Tickets booked for Dublin, I fell ill with a chest infection right in the base of my lungs.  Despite a constant cough and no training I did go. Thanks to the relatively low standard I made finals but once I had to actually try hard all energy deserted me and I dropped my podium place to the bottom of the finalists.

The cough resolved and the cold began. The cold resolved and a cough reappeared. Talk about frustration. Ill or not it would be nice to have got out climbing. This is Scotland, I managed about 1h 30. Enough to tick a problem I have never done before. Not enough to satisfy an addict. Why do I live here exactly?

I am probably just frustrated that the last few months of my 20's have been a disappointment. You get reflective at these big number changes and I guess there are a lot of goals that I wish I had achieved in my 20's that I haven't.

Of course the goals are still there and 30 is still young enough to achieve them, but it makes you think. Life's obstacles will remain in the way; I just hope I can start managing them more maturely in my 30's so I can achieve the things that really matter to me. What was nice was to end my 20's with a win in a local bouldering competition, just enough to keep me feeling young.

The new decade resolutions start on Monday, my birthday, like I mean to carry on, as I walk in to  El Racó de Misa at Montsant. 3 days - 1 goal; kick-start the next decade.   

Photo credit: David Field, Glasgow Climbing Centre, Helen Cassidy

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