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Video: Big Worm (V14) by LT11 with Dave Wetmore

Video: Big Worm (V14) by LT11 with Dave Wetmore
December 07, 2012 - 

In 2008, Dave Wetmore suffered a debilitating finger injury that has plagued his climbing career. After fully rupturing the A2 pulley on his left ring finger and having a rarely done reconstructive surgery, his doctor told him that climbing would be nearly impossible, especially at a professional level. After a year of rehabilitation Dave hit the bouldering scene with a new found drive. Dave set his sights on a V14 in Colorado called BIG WORM and never looked back. This is the story of Dave's experience with BIG WORM.


 Four months ago, I left my full-time job to climb boulders; a decision I made after many years of consideration. I worried that I would be leaving financial security and general comfort for potential disaster. However, it turns out my woes were, for the most part, completely unjustified. My only regret is waiting this long to take the plunge.

With a brand new schedule revolving around driving, hiking, and rock climbing, I’ve managed to complete some boulders. As far as this year goes, Big Worm stands out the most in my mind. This compression line is buried deep within one of the beautiful valley’s of Mount Evans. It requires no finger strength, just titties. Climbing this boulder was especially meaningful to me because it’s the hardest thing I’ve climbed to date, but it wasn’t all in the grade.

More importantly, it has taught me to let go of the limitations I have imposed upon myself as a result of a bum finger–a haunting injury that will never go away. And since I have no idea how long this A2 reconstruction will last before it snaps again, I’m going full speed ahead into the unknown, which means I am and will continue to skimp on the universal need for money in order to gain more time. Being weaker than most, time is a commodity that is essential to my success. Try, try, and try again.

Thanks to the creative minds of Jon Glassberg and Jordan Shipman, my story has come to life. Enjoy.


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