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Milagrosa Hike - Jacqueline Harmony

Milagrosa Hike - Jacqueline Harmony
Milagrosa Hike - Jacqueline Harmony
Milagrosa Hike - Jacqueline Harmony
Milagrosa Hike - Jacqueline Harmony
Milagrosa Hike - Jacqueline Harmony
Milagrosa Hike - Jacqueline Harmony
Milagrosa Hike - Jacqueline Harmony
December 03, 2012 - 

It has been a month now since my crash happened in Taxco Mexico during the Best Trick Competition at the Urban Downhill race. I came up short on a 35 foot double and landed, I think, straight on my shoulder. I separated my shoulder and was told that it is a Grade V separation and usually involves surgery.  Right now my decision is to get full range of motion and get back on my bike rather than think about surgery.  I have been doing physical therapy on it for a month, rode a pump track and hit some small tables the other day, riding mountain bikes around the neighborhood and when I shuttle Dante and our friends, I go for super long hikes.


That is what I did today. I hiked a pretty rugged trail called Milagrosa on Lt. Lemmon in Tucson AZ. The hike was very beautiful with all the Sahuaros, Prickly Pear, Chollas, Manzanitas and so many more thorns, stickers and painful pokers. The desert is brutal, however I find everything to be very pretty this time of year, everything looks more full of the color green. I met about 5 hunters on my hike and only one of the men had a deer slung over his shoulders. He hiked probably 10 or so miles with that deer over his shoulders. The next gentlemen I saw was carrying two rifles and looked tired. I asked if he shot the deer or if his friend did, who was carrying the deer. He said he killed the deer and wished he had killed it closer to the vehicle. He told me he was 71 years old and does not get out enough for the hike to feel any good. I had some good chuckles talking to this man and was glad I stopped to talk to him. My dog, Carter, was on the hike with me and sure did catch a good scent of the dead deer. I had to pull him away so he did not do anything rash. Carter loves to be out on the trail whether I am hiking or riding my bike. After about 2 ½ hours of hiking I met up with Dante and a couple of friends riding the trail I was hiking. We had a snack and talked about how great the trails were and the good times they were having riding their bikes. I am was pretty jealous and wished I was on my bike right there with them. Soon enough!

On my hike I was wearing my 5.10 Dome trail running shoes which made the hike so relaxing. The shoes are so comfortable inside with just the right amount of cushion. The tread on the bottom is quite thick, which helps with hiking over jagged rocks up and down hill. At the moment I prefer my 5.10 Domes for hiking over any other shoe, since they allow me to hike for hours and hours with no discomfort to my feet. I am not much of a hiker, however due to my shoulder injury I have to keep in shape somehow.

I had a fantastic Sunday!


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