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Thanksgiving Break - Sierra Carroll

Thanksgiving Break - Sierra Carroll
Thanksgiving Break - Sierra Carroll
December 01, 2012 - 

Back to school again, after a week of break I am now back in Boulder for the last stretch of school before winter break. The past week I was able to be back in Colorado Springs with my family and had a great time climbing at the gym there for the week while I was back. While I was there I had the opportunity to work some with a girl who I have previously coached along with a girl who was in town for the holidays from New Jersey. Both strong young competitors looking forwards to competing in regionals in just a few weeks. I had a great time climbing with both of them and helping them work towards getting their projects. Along with helping them I was able to have a great time hanging out with many of the climbers from Colorado Sprigs that I dont get to see or climb with very often. Along with getting to train on plenty of new problems and routes. I am very excited to get to go back home to the Springs again for the Christmas holiday in a few weeks as there is a very exciting new wall that they are in the process of building that should be finished and climbable by the time I am back in Colorado Springs. I am very excited to get to train on this new wall along with the plenty of new pads that they are putting in their Bouldering area. With lots of thigs to look foward to for the Holidays I am also very excited about being able to go down to Shelf Road and Newlin Creek to climb some over break. 


Being back in Boulder also brings lots of excitement as I have a few more weeks before the quarter ends with the group of kids I have been working with at the Boulder Rock Club. Just this past week I had the opportunity of watching two of the kids I coach climb one of the hardest climbs they have ever done which is always a rewarding experience as an instructor and coach to watch kids be as excited about climbing hard and doing well as I am. I am also looking forward to getting outside some this weekend and hopefully in the remaining weekends I am here as well. I recently found out about what sounds like to be an awesome and fun hard climb close by that I am hoping to be able to find this weekend to potentially begin projecting. If all goes well I will hopefully be able to find a few new climbs close by to get excited about working on. But until then I will continue to be excited about training in the gym and getting to work with the next generation of climbers. 


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