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Americas Cup - Iron Man 3 - Jeff Provenzano

Americas Cup - Iron Man 3 - Jeff Provenzano
Americas Cup - Iron Man 3 - Jeff Provenzano
Americas Cup - Iron Man 3 - Jeff Provenzano
Americas Cup - Iron Man 3 - Jeff Provenzano
Americas Cup - Iron Man 3 - Jeff Provenzano
Americas Cup - Iron Man 3 - Jeff Provenzano
Americas Cup - Iron Man 3 - Jeff Provenzano
November 16, 2012 - 

New York City!! I love it !! In my opinion the most exciting city in the world. But this was a pit stop, one night. The next day I drove to Newport, Rhode Island for the America's Cup. Awesome! New England is so rad, especially Newport. A real port town vibe and a great place to party, especially in the summer when the place is jammed packed onthe weekends, especially this beautiful weekend, for one of the biggest sailing races in the world.

I jumped into the sailing race on Saturday with Clint and we threw down a really tight aerial show, and landed on a tiny dock. I am not going to lie, it was a small landing area with very little room for error. Clint and I totally stuck it. After the jumped we watched a bit of the race from one of the lounges. I love flying with Clint, he was one of my mentors and for years I watched him close, especially during competitions. Today we do things together, travel the world and share awesome adventures. Yea Clint doggie!!

The weekend in RI could not be complete without hitting up awesome seafood joint so the night before driving back down to NY we hit downtown and crushed some really good food. Rhode Island Style Calamari, my favorite in the world. Yummy.

After RI it was back to NYC for the week. Back to more endless, sleepless fun. Why not? When in Rome. You only live once and you can sleep when your dead. NYC was full of more good parties, more fantastic food, more friends and new friends, and more ridiculous stories, most of which I would never have the balls to write about in this blog.
So it was fourth of July in NYC. No better place to celebrate the greatest American holiday. My boy Justin and I ran around NYC the entire week. Stayed in SOHO and hit up so many spots I can't even name them all. Boom Boom room, PH downtown, Beer Garden, Standard Hotel, The Box, just to name a few. We watched the East River firework show from the rooftop of the Standard in the Meat Packing District. Great view!!! This summer is just good times , followed by more good times. When will it end?

Next stop, the AMA Chamipionships in Mechanicsville, MI. Luke and I jumped into the start of the race with Othar on ground crew, One of the biggest race towns in the USA, if you are born here you probably started riding a dirt bike before you could even walk.

This is one of the stops I would probably never enjoy if it was not for my job. When else would I ever have an opportunity to check this out? Probably never. I get to check it out form 5000ft, and fly in and then walk the pits and basically have full access to the entire place. Like I said before, I am a lucky boy.

It's already July and time is flying. After Michigan I made another quick pit stop in NY this time to focus on some jumping at the Ranch in upstate before getting on another plane and flew down to South CArolina to begin work on an Arial Stunt Scene in Iron Man 3. All I can really say is, I'm in it. You are just going to have to wait to see the movie to get the entire story, but it is the coolest thing I've done in the"hollywood" world. I can't wait to watch the movie myself. It will be released May 2013 so stay tuned and check it out!!


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