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Return To Sandstone - Nina Williams

Return To Sandstone - Nina Williams
Return To Sandstone - Nina Williams
Return To Sandstone - Nina Williams
Return To Sandstone - Nina Williams
November 10, 2012 - 

Well, I can definitely say that my outside mode has been turned on and training mode has shifted a bit to the back burner. My last big competition was the Boulder Rally in Portland which did indeed turn out to be a great event! I placed 2nd in Finals, climbing through some crazy volume-studded problems and creative setting. Since then however I’ve been quenching my sandstone thirst with a trip to Joe’s Valley and my project send in Horsetooth. 


I really can’t get enough of sandstone. Don’t get me wrong; I like Colorado granite but there’s something about the beautiful colors and water-painting streaks of sandstone. Especially in Joe’s Valley! The Wind Below in particular was an amazing highball with vertical tan rips standing out against the black rock. It was one classic among many that I hadn’t touched yet, despite this being my fourth time to Joe’s. I also wrapped up Water Paintings, Kinda Brawny, Team Effort, and Hooters as well as figuring out Freak in 6 attempts! I think that’s the second fastest V10 I’ve unlocked, aside from Tea Time in South Africa.

After Joe’s Valley I returned to my long-ish term project Moon Arete in Horsetooth. Moon was originally graded V9 but was bumped to a 10 after general consensus and it was definitely a hard one for me. I’ve worked this arete on and off for the past two years, always forgetting the beta and having to re-learn its subtleties. I finally found the exact sequence that got me to the crux and held the swing at the top!! I was so psyched when I topped out, but immediately my thoughts turned to my ultra-project Speed of Life in Farley, MA. I considered my Moon send a good omen for Speed as I will be going back to New England next week! This has been a great outdoor month so hopefully I can continue that trend into November.


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