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Monster Mash - Nicholas Milburn

Monster Mash - Nicholas Milburn
Monster Mash - Nicholas Milburn
Monster Mash - Nicholas Milburn
Monster Mash - Nicholas Milburn
November 08, 2012 - 

It's that time of year again. Halloween, candy for all, tummy aches, sugar rush and ROCK CLIMBING! My gym, Stone Moves, held its second ever Monster Mash comp. How often do you get to dress up in costume an rock climb? Well, I guess you could do it all the time, but this way you won't look like a fool. Some of the best costumes I saw were the Sand Bagger and Campusing. I dressed up as Five Ten and shaved my head in an interesting pattern to give my costume a bit of a boost.

Most of the gym was reset for the comp and the new slab wall got its first set. I'm not the biggest fan of slab, but this was is pretty cool. I warmed up on some amazing jug hauls and then moved on to the big stuff. I tried the Hard problem in a roof, got confused, got up a little bit more, then swung out and fell. It has a crazy 360 spin thing that I'm not sure is the real beta, but it works for me. Then it has this crazy sequence that I don't even know how to explain. You do this big bump move with your feet super low and somehow they stay one then got up to a small crimp and your feet somehow still stay on. After that you blow off hard and leave a good amount of skin on the holds. Then you get back on and send it.  The great John Muse set that wonderful creation. There was also this wicked problem set by TTC (The Tom Carter) in which I used knee bars in two different spots and an unnecessary mono which is always fun.

My goal was to climb to all the problems in the comp an I got bloody close! I sent all the problem except for one due to my ridiculous fatigue levels. I was running around flailing on techy boulders when the time ran out. But after that was the dyno comp! It had an elimination format, so if you missed a dyno you were out. By the fourth dyno it was down the me and the Sand Bagger (Cody Cormier). The fifth dyno was insane and we both failed, so we had a superfinal and we both failed again. In the ultra-superfinal finally finished it and I took the gold.

The one last part of the comp was a pull-up contest. Last year someone did like 40 pull-ups or something so I knew I was out of that one. I can do an average of 20. Mister setter man, Phil Symons, put that hang board with the big sloppers on a slight over hand and started it off. I ended up doing exactly 20 which kept my average strong. There were people there who could do way more pull-ups that me, their fingers gave out before their biceps. I was the opposite, my biceps gave out first. In fact when I got down both my biceps were cramping and would lock themselves up. It was the weirdest sensations I have ever felt. I ended up the pull-up winner also.

Not only was this a climbing comp, which is awesome in itself, but they had free food! Nothing quite like free food to finish off a day of bouldering.

Photo credit: Nathaniel Spencer and Phillip Symons

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