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New personal Blog and First Stop TDB: Rockhead’s - Sebastien Lazure

New personal Blog and First Stop TDB: Rockhead’s - Sebastien Lazure
November 06, 2012 -  Sebastien Lazure    

Just came back from Toronto and the first TDB comp of the season! It was a super great comp! Props to Ayo, Dave and the crew for the routesetting! It was cool to get problems of different styles with a lot of technical stuff!

I was entering Joe Rockhead’s facility with no expectations and surprised myself doing a very good qualifier. I was feeling good and my climbing flowed pretty well, which is good to give you confidence and keep you climb well through all of the 6 problems you have to complete. I finished the first round in advance so I had a bit more rest till the finals. I knew later that I qualified first out of the deep field of competitors we had that day.

After having dinner we had to be back in iso where I sat for about two hours before I got to climb. When my turn came to get on the first boulder I realized I forgot my scorecard in isolation so I briefly tell the judge my situation and I finally started climbing but I think that this small mistake distracted me and I lost my focus for a short moment. I didn’t get boulder one which I think I should’ve done… I sent the second one falling once by misjudging the length of the first dynamic move. I had some problems getting one of the bottom hold on number three. I was always getting it wrong and falling but with less than a minute left I finally got it and manage be the only one to complete it! I was very happy because I knew I had to get it to stay in the comp. unfortunately I totally misread the fourth problem and only understood it at the end of my time. The other guys did pretty well too, some of them getting problem number one and two. Florent climbed super well with flashes of the two first blocs. Eric followed him in the ranking and I was third.


1 Florent Balsez
2 Eric Sethna
3 Sebastien Lazure
4 Mathew Moreau
5 Fred Charron
6 Travis Van Ryn
7 Mark Button
8 Carl Desnoyers


1 Kerri Briggs
2 Iyma Lamarche
3 Emily Cornelise
4 Bonnie de Bruijn
5 Marieta Akalski
6 Marine Cusa
7 Cloe Legault
8 Kacy Wilson

Click HERE for full results!

Here for Pictures of the Comp by Ruby Photo Studio!

Overall it was a good first one! I have a lot to learn from it even if I’m still pretty happy with what I did. Can’t wait for the next stop at Allez up in Montreal!

I now have my own blog! Go check it out at:


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