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German Exchange Student and October Adventures - Sierra Carroll

German Exchange Student and October Adventures - Sierra Carroll
German Exchange Student and October Adventures - Sierra Carroll
October 31, 2012 - 

So its been a long time since I last blogged sadly, as school became crazy for a few weeks with midterms and projects and such I wasnt able to blog as much as I would have liked. But I will catch back up now. So right after my previous blog I had the opportunity on a very warm day in Boulder to go into Boulder Canyon to climb with a German exchange student that was staying with my parents. This student had climbed some across Europe at a few different places with his family and was excited to climb in the states. Sadly we didn't have very much time because of scheduling so we were only able to go into boulder canyon but we were still able to get in a few fun climbs in the time we had. While providing him with the "American" climbing experience he had told my parents he wanted. I hope my friends and I didn't shine poorly on the "American" climbing experience and community. 


Lets see, since then I have been training mostly in the gym and getting back to running again now that I am finally able to run again without getting a migraine from the impact and cardio which has been a blessing. I might not be a huge fan of running personally though I am a huge fan of how I have seen it improve me climbing ability so I am excited to see how that continues to help as I am able to run more and more often in the coming weeks.

Aside from climbing as much as possible I also have had the opportunity to work with a leadership organization on campus that I have been accepted into called the Presidents Leadership Class (PLC) at the University of Colorado Boulder. In the past year the program got a new staff director who is very excited about taking PLC leadership challenges outside. With this initiative I have had the opportunity to work with the director and some of my fellow students on a new PLC opportunity that I will hopefully be able to take part in this summer. This opportunity which I am helping to design and critique is shaping up to be a 10 day backpacking trip integrated with leadership challenges along with a few other leadership related components. This trip which we are hoping to open up to all PLC students and have take place at the end of this coming summer will hopefully be the first of a series of outdoor leadership opportunities that the PLC program will offer.

One (hopefully in the near future, at least before I graduate) that will be based on rock climbing or mountaineering potentially. This planning has been a very exciting experience as I look forward to not only the trip we are planning this summer but also future summer trips that could involve rafting, climbing, and all sorts of outdoor activities that can be taught and experienced with a leadership component. This along with as much training as I an get in have been the main highlights of the past month. I had wished that one of the highlights for the month would also be competing in the psychedelia black light competition at the spot in Boulder though as a result of a conflict with a mandatory scholarship weekend I was not able to attend. Though I look forward to continuing to train and hopefully have the weather be nice enough over the next few weeks for me to be able to spend a few days climbing and training outside over my fa break. But till then I will continue to push through the training as I am working back to where I was and hopefully beyond.


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