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Red River Gorge 2 - Jon Cardwell

Red River Gorge 2 - Jon Cardwell
Red River Gorge 2 - Jon Cardwell
Red River Gorge 2 - Jon Cardwell
October 16, 2012 - 

Well, we've climbed in the majestic Red River Gorge for almost two weeks now and my first impressions have only been superseded.  The wonderful change of the leaves from vibrant greens to deep reds, yellows and oranges is a sight I had yet to see and is almost as impressive as the climbing.

As far as the climbing goes, it goes well.  I have sampled numerous rigs from the famous Mother Load to smaller cliffs like the Gold Coast, Bob Marley, Drive By and The Dark Side.  Some of the nicer rigs that stand out are black gold, 50 words for pump, kaleidoscope, ultra perm, the madness, just to name a few.  Many rigs I have climbed and its hard to keep track so I keep most of my impressions mostly related to the walls, wildlife, and incredible scenery.  I love this time of year and it fuels my climbing psych even more.  The weather has been almost perfect everyday, so we climb almost every day.  We begin with a morning routine of making coffee and breakfast, deciding where to climb, stretching, then driving out, hiking, spotting a few critters along the way, warming up on something new, there's always something new, then trying, trying hard, and leaving only when we can't climb anymore, usually at the very end of the day, when the sun setting and crowds are leaving.  We usually leave last.  

After being here for almost two weeks, I can see that this place is special and its not hard to believe why so many people make the Red their home for the fall, spring, even summer seasons.  It will definitely always be at the top of my list.  It's time to go now, our rest day is in full effect and we have to restock on supplies, plus time flies by when you're having fun. Until next time!


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