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Last Race This Season: DH Gracisce, CRO - Spela Horvat

Last Race This Season: DH Gracisce, CRO - Spela Horvat
Last Race This Season: DH Gracisce, CRO - Spela Horvat
Last Race This Season: DH Gracisce, CRO - Spela Horvat
Last Race This Season: DH Gracisce, CRO - Spela Horvat
October 16, 2012 -  Spela Horvat    

The croatian race, downhill Gracisce always symbolizes the end of the season for me. Gracisce is located in Istria where the weather is still warm and sunny at this time of the year. However, for the race weekend weather forecasts predicted showers, which was pretty unusual for this location. None of us have ever ridden this track in rain so we were all excited. Actually I was hoping for a better weather because I have been sick for last three weeks and I was constantly taking pills so I wouldn't get a fever.

When we got to Gracisce the weather didn't seem that bad afterall. It was cloudy and still warm, it drizzled from time to time but there were no showers during the day. The track in Gracisce is preety unique. It is really fast and rocky....REALLY ROCKY! The beggining and the end of the track is wide open with natural sandy bumps and doubles which are really fun to ride on. The middle part  is a deep and narrow canyon with big boulders. I don't like this part at all, because I don't feel comfortable in narrow spaces. However I was riding really fast on practise and I was feeling confident.


I have never been on the podium in Gracisce but this year I got third place. However, I was really disappointed because I have missed my second place for 4 tenths. No luck for me...again:( but nevermind it was my fault afterall. On my final run I was way too long on the step up jump and I landed in a tree. I had lost all of my speed and I couldn't take on the drop that followed. Because I was so frustrated I was riding the canyon really carefully as I didn't want to make more mistakes. In the end this was enough for a third place, but knowing that second place was less than a second away was preety frustrating, but that's how sports work, right? I know if I hadn't done those mistakes I would achieve a great time and I would get that second spot on the podium for sure :)...I should stop hugging trees :D

1 100 Zarja Černilogar     3:34.319   Črn trn GT
2 101 Dubravka Družeta  3:59.226   MTB Istra Pazin
3 103 Špela Horvat          3:59.611   ŠD Life Five Ten
4 104 Andrea Radačić        4:27.290   Supersnurf Mulebar
5 102 Denise Tremul          4:34.886   100-one slopestyle nimis

My race season has come to an end. There had been ups and down, but I'm positive that I'm heading towards a brigther future in this sport! 2013 here I come :)

with love

Spela Horvat

photo: Sinisa Gorup, Matija Sobo, Krš Klub


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