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On the Road: IXS EDC Cups Chatel and Todtnau - Spela Horvat

On the Road: IXS EDC Cups Chatel and Todtnau - Spela Horvat
On the Road: IXS EDC Cups Chatel and Todtnau - Spela Horvat
October 11, 2012 -  Spela Horvat    

September was probably one of my most exciting months this year. I decided to race as most IXS European cups as possible, because I  missed so many races in spring as I injured my spleen. So me and my family(mom and dad) packed our bags and headed to France for the IXS European cup in Chatel. Actually this was more like a vacation than a race trip. We arrived in Chatel on Monday, so I had plenty of time  to check some of the nearest bike parks. The next day we headed to Champery, which is just across the French border in Switzerland. In Champery I have experienced some really awesome riding and stunning nature with really high mountains. Slovenia is also know as an alpine country, but we don't have such high mountains like Switzerland. On Wednesday I went to Morzine, the European capital of downhill...well at least that is how they say. Morzine was really cool, maybe just a bit too crowded for me.


About the race in Chatel; I was familiar with the track as I have ridden it last year when it was snowing. This year we were blessed with sunny and warm weather and it was really a joy to ride. Unfortunately I had a massive crash on my practice run. I fell on my head and bumbed into my belly , so I was totally out of breath. I wasn't even sure If I will race because I had some troubles with my breathing. At the end I managed to put myself together and finished the race on 6th place. Although I really liked the track, but I was really holding back and didn't ride as fast as I could. However I was satisfied with the result, because I know I can achieve much more.

Final run:

1. Floriane Pugin (Fra, Scott11) 2:48,07
2. Tahnee Seagrave (GB, FMD Racing) +3,01
3. Zarja Cernilogar (Slo, Crn trn GT) +8,47
4. Martina Brühlmann (Sui, iXS Gravity Union) +13,13
5. Alba Wunderlin (Sui, Veloatelier Biel) +24,33
6. Špela Horvat (Slo, ŠD LIFE) +24,83

Just two weeks after Chatel, we left for the final race in Todtnau, Germany. The road was long, about 12 hours from Slovenia but when we got to Todtnau we knew it was worth it. The village of Todtnau was really beautiful...well I like everything german :) and the best thing was that the track really suited my riding style. We had sunny weather on friday but saturday morning greeted us with fog and rain. The course became really slippery but it was still fast. I really liked Todtnau, because you could carry speed through the whole track. However, the track was really long with a little uphill peddaling section. Well I am really bad at peddaling and I will have to work on that. I still managed to finish the race on 6th place with a crash. I crashed because I was getting tired and I lost my focus. At the end of everything, I left Todtnau with a great racing experience.

final run:
1    Emmeline Ragot (Fra)        0:04:06.07    
2    Miriam Ruchti (Swi)            0:00:08.22    
3    Martina Bruehlmann (Swi)    0:00:18.29    
4    Zarja Cernilogar (Slo)        0:00:19.56    
5    Caroline Sax (Fra)            0:00:36.25    
6    Špela Horvat (Slo)            0:00:39.85    

My season has almost ended and I am getting ready to start my offseason workout. The IXS European cups will be my priority next year and I believe I can achieve my goals and get even closer to fullfilling my dream.

see you soon :)

Spela Horvat

photo: Totalvrac photo



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