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Recovery Work - Erica Carlson

Recovery Work - Erica Carlson
Recovery Work - Erica Carlson
October 11, 2012 -  Erica Carlson    

For any athlete, recovery is incredibly important. Without it you risk injury or further worsening a pre-existing condition. Sadly, it’s the one area we all seem to actively overlook. Normally, I see a fellow climber that does my physio and some needling work. I also work with a former competitive gymnast turned climber for massage therapy.

I feel it’s important to be choosy with who does your recovery work and to know what someone is working on, how they plan to work on it and why. Asking questions is the easiest way to ensure you are being given proper care and prevent further injury.

I’m not opposed to trying a new treatment but I normally want to know who someone has treated before trying it and how they’ve improved. Recently, my massage therapist took a course in cupping. I’d only ever heard of this from one friend so figured what the heck! She was looking for volunteers to help her perfect her technique.

If you’ve never had cupping done, it’s a very different feeling. In massage, your muscles are pushed into your bones whereas with cupping, the muscles are lifted off the bones and manipulated that way.

It is way less painful than a deep tissue massage and so far I feel like it’s been more productive. My massage therapist is able to work a larger area in less time (and without me crying on the table from pain). Normally I would be on the table for an hour for a massage whereas I’m only there for 30 minutes per session now.

I feel like my recovery is way quicker with cupping than it ever was with massage. Sure the muscles still might be fatigued but I get better range of motion with less pain quicker than just through deep tissue massage.

To learn more about cupping, visit Amber’s website, and click on the cupping title.

The only downside I’ve found so far is the hickey-like marks....


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