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Red River Gorge - Jon Cardwell

Red River Gorge - Jon Cardwell
Red River Gorge - Jon Cardwell
Red River Gorge - Jon Cardwell
Red River Gorge - Jon Cardwell
October 10, 2012 - 

The Red River Gorge has been looming in my mind for years now.  I got my first guide book to the gorge probably 6 years ago for Christmas and since then I have scoured every page religiously but still, resisted a trip.  It wasn't intentional, however, after being here for about a week now its crazy to think I haven't climbed here before!

We started out at The Motherload, perhaps on of the most famous cliffs in the Red.  Naturally, we began on the right side (under tow wall) and started making our way left.  Route by route, my motivation was building, as was my endurance.  This place is ridiculously pumpy and its not hard to get lost in the labyrinth of grips on the routes.  The walls are featured more that I could have imagined with almost every grip you can think of.  Its key to climb fast and efficiently, taking only what you need along the way.  So far, It's been important to me to climb on as many things as possible, and its not hard to do that here.  I love it!

A couple days ago, I checked out the Chocolate Factory to change the pace a little.  This wall, another incredible cliff, is home to some of the harder routes in the Red, Pure Imagination and The Golden Ticket.  I gave both a couple tries and they felt good, so hopefully with a little work, some luck and good skin I can finish them,  Its hard to stay focused, the next day I was on to other walls, climbing as much as possible again.  I even went on a hike with Nick Duttle where he showed me some futuristic walls.  It was more impressive that I can explain but one thing is for sure, the potential here is off the hook! Check out the photo...

Today is a rest day, and we're back at it tomorrow so stay tuned for updates!

Photo credit: Jon Cardwell

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