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Budds Creek to North Carolina - Jeff Provenzano

Budds Creek to North Carolina - Jeff Provenzano
Budds Creek to North Carolina - Jeff Provenzano
Budds Creek to North Carolina - Jeff Provenzano
Budds Creek to North Carolina - Jeff Provenzano
Budds Creek to North Carolina - Jeff Provenzano
September 26, 2012 - 

After EDC Vegas I was ready to head home to Skydive Arizona. Good timing to charge up those internal batteries, do a little repacking and grab the gear I would need for the next adventure.

Home. Wow! I forgot I had one. Four entire nights in my own bed. I get to skydive, catch up with friends, and most importantly, chill with my favorite Sushi Chef, Yoshi. Yoshi is the man, a total sushi Yoda hiding in the middle of the desert of Arizona. He is arguably, the best in the world. Yoshi has been making sushi most of his life and aspires to continue to master what he does, like he has not already. I will sit at the sushi bar with Yoshi for 2 -3 hours, ordering everything that does'nt exists on the menu. Yoshi and I have our own menu and the "D-SWIFF" is my favorite. The Xaos Roll is a "go to" and probably my second favorite. So if your ever in AZ, hit me up and I will link you up with the living legend, Yoshi.


Of course the 4 days at home goes by in the blink of an eye. Next thing I know I'm at terminal 3 in PHX boarding for my Delta flight to Washington, DC. The mission was to jump into the 2012 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship in Budds Creek, MD. This show was aired live on CBS sports. Miles D. and I landed at the starting gates which was located inside a bowl, on a hillside, surrounded by wires fences and trees. The cables are very difficult to see when landing so you just have to know where they are not to hit them. Our jump into the race was awesome and we both stuck it on the starting line. The National Anthem followed as our feet hit the ground. We watched the race then scooted back to back to Alexandria for the night. Great city to go for a good run and I was looking forward to this. I like to run when I'm traveling. It's just easy a great way to explore and stay in shape. Alexandria is a beautiful city to ego for a run in.

The next day I was on another plane to New York. This was a pit stop in between events to see my family and attend a few meetings in the city. I also managed to squeeze in one day to skydive at the Ranch upstate in Gardner. Hell's Yeah!

Next stop Orlando, Red Bull 3Style! I was basically invited to host the DJ's from Red Bull 3Style in the iFly wind tunnel. The event was three days long and each night it moved to a different night club in Orlando. During the day we went to the wind tunnel and threw the DJ's in the air. I think they are all hooked. This event was just an all out good time. I will be back next year for sure. From Orlando it was time to go to Fort Bragg, NC to train the Army. Now this, I could tell you about, but I'd have to kill you. Let's leave it at that.

To be continued…….


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