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The World Cup in Paris! - Joseph Gifford

The World Cup in Paris! - Joseph Gifford
October 08, 2012 - 

The World Cup in the amazing city of Paris this year was extraordinary and I was lucky enough to climb in the bouldering and rope competition. European World Cups are a completely new level of climbing than what I'm used to in America. All the boulder routes are mostly features with really powerful technical moves. The rope routes are similar in the the way that they are extremely technical but also have consistent hard moves all the way up, rarely do you ever get a good hold to rest on, so you have to climb smooth and just flow through the moves before you get tired.

I first competed in the bouldering World Cup.  There are five climbs total and the climber gets five minutes on the wall and five minutes to rest, the climbs are split up into two groups (A &B) I was in group “A”. My first climb was great, it was pretty much all black triangular features on a vertical face, I flashed my first climb which really pumped me up for the other four. The second climb went alright, it was very slabby but I got the bonus hold and really close to finishing. The rest of my climbs proved to be very difficult because I didn't grab any more bonus holds but I ended up getting 42nd in my group and 82nd overall. The rope was also really cool but I hadn't been training for rope because it wasn't until the day before the rope competition that I filled in for Daniel woods, but I did alright. I climbed a bit better on my second climb than the first and still placed 67th out of all the 99th competitors.

Competing in a European World Cup with all of the professional climbers, can be intimidating to go against because their an entire step up in climbing than me. But this competition was a great learning experience to be in the top level of competition climbing. Paris was an amazing place to have this competition, the city is always full of life, and something fun is happening 24/7 for example one day I got off the metro and a giant techno parade was happening right in the streets, it was crazy there must have been at least a thousand people there. Paris was awesome and I hope I will get the chance to compete next year in a World Cup but until then I'm just going to keep on training for the next big competition.


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