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Team 5.10 Product Review - Kyle Francis

Team 5.10 Product Review - Kyle Francis
October 01, 2012 - 

I recently got a pair of the new Team 5.10 shoes, and oh my goodness do I love them. First of all, it looks badass, you put them on and you just feel cool. They’re very sleek with dark colors, and just the overall appearance is great. The way they perform is like no other shoe. I have been climbing in the dragons for multiple years and there was a noticeable difference the instant I put them on and got on the wall. They combine the aggressiveness of the dragons with the softness of the moccasins to accommodate for all types of climbs. When climbing on overhang, its almost as if the shoe sticks to holds its so easy to toe in. Then when you need to toe hook the shoes morphs to your foot and the direction it wants to go. This is the one thing I will say it does a lot better than the dragons. With the dragons the laces can be an issue, and they’re not as soft. However with the teams, you can feel the hold a lot better. This brings me to my next point, feel. With softer and less-thick rubber, you can like I said, toe in really well, but you can also feel the holds a lot better. You can really tell when you’re foot is on the hold and that it is going to stay. I’m not saying that this was an issue with the dragons, rather that the team does it better in my opinion because they’re more sensitive. If you’re on a climb that has multiple angles, I think the teams might be the best shoe. They really transition well between angles to become less aggressive on lower angle sections. I also love the lack of laces. The laces are great because you can tighten the shoe to your foot, but the teams fit my foot really well, so the Velcro is really nice!


Don’t get me wrong, I still love the dragons, but right now, I’m really psyched on the teams and I encourage everyone who likes the dragons, to try these as well. I haven’t fully decided which shoe I’m going to stick with, and it will honestly depend on the climb. The dragons just have so much with them as well as great precision for foot intensive overhung routes. The teams for me right now though are just providing me with the ability to what it seems like I can keep my feet on n every move. Who knows, maybe my foot work has increased dramatically and I just didn’t notice. Hopefully it’s the latter! I love the teams for sure at least the same as the dragons, only time will tell which one I love more!


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