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Gary Young Pro BMX Bike - Brett Smrz

Gary Young Pro BMX Bike - Brett Smrz
September 21, 2012 -  Brett Smrz    

Hey guys! I ordered a BMX bike a few weeks ago, and it arrived last week. I was extremely excited to be getting a new BMX bike, as I used to play on my bike on a daily basis as a kid. I always wanted to get into BMX bike racing, and now that I have one, it's never too late!

The bike that I got is a Gary Young Pro from Sunday Bikes. My friend Danny Downey, who is one of the top BMX stunt guys in the business, helped me pick a few bikes out from a catalog, and helped me decide which one to get. I was like a little kid in the candy store looking through that catalog. I had forgotten just how much I missed riding my bike.


So, the bike arrives, and I immediately bring it over to Danny's house to have him help me build it. We get it all sorted out, and all I want to do is ride it! I hop on, and bring it out into the street. (This is where I learned a very valuable lesson! I tend to learn things the hard way) I started popping wheelies, just like I used to when I was a kid. I wasn't as good as I used to be at them, but I could tell I was re-learning the technique. One of the wheelies, I leaned just a little too far to the left. I thought I would be okay, and I put my prosthetic foot down on the ground to catch myself. After I did that, I put my right foot down on the ground, and tripped! Down I go...first my hand hits the ground, then my shoulder, and then my face!

I got up immediately, and looked around to see if anyone had seen it. Thankfully, nobody had, as I was completely embarrassed. I got a nice big cut on my hand, as well as my shoulder. Luckily, there were no scrapes on my face, but my jaw was definitely sore for about a week. The next day I went out and ordered a helmet. I never ride without a helmet, and that is a prime example of why!

Right now, I am heading up to Sonoma to watch my friend Greg Tracy race in the World Touring Car Challenge (WTCC) at Infineon Raceway. This should be an amazing experience, as it is the first time ever that the WTCC is racing in America. If you would like to follow Greg's results, you can visit That website has a lot of really cool news posts of what is going on in the world of racing. I'll put up another blog mid next week to tell how my weekend went.



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