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Crash Pad Five Ten Review - Ferran Guerrero Hervas

Crash Pad Five Ten Review - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
Crash Pad Five Ten Review - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
Crash Pad Five Ten Review - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
September 18, 2012 - 

Since the brand Organic announced that it would be responsible for making the Crash Pads (Mats) Five Ten Bouldering not find the time to get one, who does not know the brand Organic is the best company in terms of production of Crash Pads there are at present in the world and until recently could only be found in the USA and Germany, have now entered strongly into the European and Asian markets.

Organic is unlike most brands you can customize the mat as you want, most Americans are professional climbers sponsored by Organic.

So special as this mat unlike the other girls wonder?

Its simplicity.

It is so simple that it seems incredible little ostentatious than any other company not diseñase before.

So joining forces with Five Ten have launched this superior quality mat.

Made in two pieces, but at the same time has a way that prevents the fall in its central part that void appears they do most mats and cause ankle sprains, unlike the rest has not cut a single piece at its center and to be deployed does not catch the U-shape being folded always

Her measurements are: 121 cm x 91'4 cm x 7.62 cm and weighing 3.6 kg, especially the weight makes it a very lightweight mat is appreciated when you have to make long approaches. As a mat oversized dimensions not allowed to walk through areas of boulder have to stay safely locked in trees and others.

The manufacturing-type folder and practically in one piece, which avoids many seams and fragility of the product

-Carried around the perimeter and generally avoiding double seams tear drops when there are many repetitive.

All closing-cover is made with Velcro double seam. what will detach easily and be able to wash, as it has no zipper, always remain tightly closed and no mud or stones avoid it snaps closed.

The foam-type is one of the keys adjacent to the simplicity of design, two double density foams different in a type of top smart foam harder than the base, which causes the upper back foam their home and after intensive foam is back as new

Double carry handle like a backpack, wide and comfortable, allowing for longer approaches, not nailed on the shoulders and there is no danger of overload failure of weight with backpacks on the back or inside, all seams are reinforced and are adjustable, to this must be added the clamping strip on the chest and the one at the waist that is wide. The two carrying handles have the option to be regulated in height having two locations for this.

Once closed, the mat has two carrying handles small (like a suitcase) very comfortable, and another on the opposite side.

The closing joint of the mat is a metal buckles, (4), three on one side and on the bottom

Her tentative price 225 € in Europe


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