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My New Climbing Gym!! - Fred Charron

My New Climbing Gym!! - Fred Charron
My New Climbing Gym!! - Fred Charron
My New Climbing Gym!! - Fred Charron
My New Climbing Gym!! - Fred Charron
My New Climbing Gym!! - Fred Charron
My New Climbing Gym!! - Fred Charron
My New Climbing Gym!! - Fred Charron
September 17, 2012 -  Fred Charron    

Finally, our new gym is now Open!!!

Allez-Up climbing gym first opened in 1998. The gym has been known to be a great place for experienced climbers to train and perform. Even though it was a small and dusty space, the gym always kept its good reputation for great route setting and great competitions. I have been working for Allez-Up climbing gym in Montreal, Canada since 2007 and became the head route setter in 2009. I have been working with the owners on this new climbing gym for the past 3 years now! And in 2012, it was finally time for Allez-Up to move to that bigger and better place. 

Everyone has their own excuse for not having time to train and climb, well here is mine.

For the past three months, I have been doing 50-60 hour weeks trying to get this gym ready for Septembre. The gym walls were designed by myself, Jean-Marc de la Plante (the owner) and the designers at Walltopia. The Walltopia team managed to build all of the walls within 3 months. I must say that I am very happy that we got to work with them as the results are simply amazing!! Thanks to my great route setting team here at Allez-Up, the whole gym was set in less than 4 weeks, 95 routes and 70 boulder problems!!

With our new angles, new holds, 50 feet walls, new training area (still to come). This will be the ideal training facility for a performance climber and the perfect space for competitions!!

Phase 1 is complete, the Opening day was September 6th 2012, with 360 check-ins!!! And despite the fact that our new location is twice the size of the old one, the gym seems as pact always!!

Phase 2 will be our silos connected to the main building where we will have 80 feet of climbing, inside the silo!! This will be a great attraction for intermediate climbers and corporate groups!

Check out this video of the construction from just a few months ago...


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