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Jeff Provenzano - The Journey Continues..

Jeff Provenzano - The Journey Continues..
Jeff Provenzano - The Journey Continues..
Jeff Provenzano - The Journey Continues..
Jeff Provenzano - The Journey Continues..
Jeff Provenzano - The Journey Continues..
September 12, 2012 - 

After the Wounded Wear event in Suffolk Virginia, I headed to New York City, met up with some of the good people from Crye Precision and took them skydiving at The Ranch in upstate New York. Crye Precision designs and manufactures innovative equipment for America's fighting forces, particularly Armor and Apparel. They are also big supporters of the veterans and the families of those warriors wounded or killed in combat. I felt like this was a continuation from what Sean and I just did in Virginia, and it was awesome to stoke them out on skydiving.

Next stop Montreal to shoot another car commercial, this time for Infinity.
Joining me to Montreal were team mates, Andy Farrington, Clint Clawson and Jon Devore. We performed the skydiving stunts for the commercial and Red Bull F1 driver Mark Webber did the driving.The shoot was wrapped in one day.  We made 3 jumps to get what was needed and hopefully the commercial airs soon for everyone to see.

After Montreal we flew to Las Vegas to attend and skydive into the Electric Daisy Carnival. This is by far, my favorite event to jump into. The EDC is a 3 day event. It's the largest outdoor electronic concert in the world. We get to jump into it every night usually once around midnight and then again at 3 a.m. Our performance  includes lighting up the night sky with pyrotechnics, lights and live ground to air video playing on dozens of big screens throughout the carnival. From illuminated Wing Suit to flying fireworks, we fly over 100,000 ravers who go absolutely nuts when we come in.

The EDC experience is not just about the jumps but its also about hanging out with the entire Red Bull Air Force. This is one of the few demos where the entire team gets together. This year we stayed at the Palms Hotel so during the daytime most of us just kicked back at Vegas pool parties. It is a long weekend with tons of excitement and very little sleep and anything more than 3 days would probably destroy me. This is one event I look forward to attend next year.

Up next… Budds Creek MX Nationals, Red Bull 3style and The Americas cup.


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